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  1. Attention duelists! I've tallied the results and our top three choices (in no particular order) are...


    Video game bosses


    Shia LeBeouf


    You know the drill, send me a PM with your one favorite choice out of those! (If you can, use the same PM conversation you used to send the first one, please) I'll announce the winner at 11:59 PM on September 18th (Friday)!


    Now cast those votes or else!


    There must be some mistake I do not see Birds on this list 

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  2. I thought that the first Despicable Me movie was ok, but then the 2nd movie was unnecisary, and now, the fanbase just ruined it, and I mean ruined it. I honestly hate the movies now. /rant

    I haven't seen a good movie in a while, so I'll tell you what I'm NOT watching



    Minions is going to destroy the franchise completely.  Everybody hates it now because they were so overmarketed.


    "hates it" you say



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