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  1. I guess I'm weird for using Windows 7 still...


    Windows 10 is very sketchy. Mainly the new browser. For me, all my other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) are super laggy, so Microsoft essentially forces you to use their new browser. And in actuality it's not new at all, it's just Explorer with a new coat of paint. Both apps sharing a similar icon proves as much. And my main complaint is that the taskbar takes up almost a fifth of the screen, and it gets worse when I want my bookmarks to be below the URL searchbar. Also, just trying to type a response right now, the browser crashed.


    Amazing stuff here, Gates. GG. BRB gonna drink some bleach


    Really? I haven't had any browser issues or any other performance problems. 

  2. Shigesato Itoi's words about Iwata will make you cry:


    When I’m parting with a friend, regardless of the circumstances, I find it best to just say, “See you later.” We’ll meet again. After all, we’re friends.

    That’s right—nothing unusual about it. I’ll see you later.

    You went on a trip far, far away, even though it was planned for many years from now. You wore your best outfit and said “Sorry for the short notice,” though you didn’t say it out loud.

    You always put yourself last, after you’d finished helping everyone else. You were so generous as a friend that this trip might be your very first selfish act.

    I still can’t grasp what’s happened. It feels like I could still get a light-hearted e-mail asking me out to lunch at any moment—after you’ve made sure lunch wouldn’t disrupt my schedule, of course.

    You can invite me out whenever you want. I’ll invite you, too.

    So for now, let’s plan on meeting again. You can call me up whenever you like, and I’ll give you a call, too. I still have a lot to talk to you about, and if I come up with any particularly good ideas, I’ll let you know.

    So let’s meet again.
    No–I suppose we’re already meeting. Right here, right now.

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  3. Here are five reasons why everyone should change their avatar to Kevin Garnett:

    1. He went back to the Minesotta Timberwolves, the team that drafted him. He went back even though they had the worst record in the NBA. This proves that he is LOYAL.

    2. When the traitor Ray Allen left the Celtics in free agency to join the terrible Miami Heat, Great Kevin stopped talking to Ray and famously denied him a handshake when the Celtics first played the Heat. This proves that he is DEDICATED TO HIS TEAM.

    3. He shouted "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEE!" when the 2008 Boston Celtics won the Championship. This proves that he is an OPTIMIST.

    4. He does push-ups on his knuckles. That proves that he is TOUGH.

    5. Because just do it, you guys.


    I have a lot of respect for Kevin Garnett my brother was a big Timberwolves fan growing up 

  4. Pretty uneventful sale for me

    How is Gauntlet? I have a lot of nostalgia for the series (my uncle used to have an arcade cabinet of the original in his house), but Dark Legacy is my favorite in the series. Would you recommend it?


    Probably only if you know a few other people who have it. It's fun with friends but I'm not sure how gripping it would be alone or with strangers. 

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  5. Right now I'm playing through Valkyria Chronicles on PC, which feels like "anime WWII-era XCOM", along with some Deadly Premonition for when I'm in the mood for that. Not very far in either yet, although both are pretty great. Gonna be getting Fire Emblem If next week though, so that'll dominate my video game schedule for a while. Gonna go the Hoshido route first, and I'm crossing my fingers I'll have enough to buy the Nohr route afterwards.


    I should get back to Valkyria Chronicles. It gets pretty difficult and I ended up taking a break from it and not getting back to it. 

  6. This was a cool thread, I don't know why it died.


    I started playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth today. It's a little too "anime" even for someone who likes anime but I guess I'll see if it gets better. Ironically, I watched the Neptunia anime and it was more bearable than this is so far.


    I was playing Valkyrie Profile, but I got fed up with it because if you make one little mistake it completely destroys your ability to get the best ending. I'll get back to it eventually, though. The combat is pretty fun. 

  7. I stayed up all night for Nintendo and Square-Enix's conferences. I was pretty disappointed. Like Mr. Hatty said, almost everything at Nintendo's conference had been shown several times before between last E3 and today. I get that Mario is their big seller, but I don't need ~45 minutes to show Super Mario Maker when they've shown it several times before. Fire Emblem only received a single minute of English, but Star Fox was interesting. Nothing Smash related, though I didn't think they would anyway. As for Square, their big unveil was FFVIIHD, which was shown at Sony's conference for whatever reason, making their conference pretty lackluster as well minus the quick KH3 video.


    A sequel to NieR developed by Platinum Games is a pretty big deal, but yeah, most of the games they showed had already been announced 

  8. I like everything about vaporwave except for the slowed vocals, wish really kill it for me, for whatever reason. Macross 82-99 has done the best vaporwave stuff I've heard as well. 


    I'm more into the whole vaporwave aesthetic than the music, I guess. 

  9. Check out the Summer Anime Seaon 2015 guys, I think theres quite a bit to look forward for!

    To Watch List:

    - Durarara X2 Ten: Can always use more Durarara

    - Jitsu wa Watashi wa: I'm not into romatic animes but from the little bit I read from this series it was decently funny. Will give it a watch.

    - Gakkou Gurashi!:

    Have been reading the series and despite the lolis, its surprisingly good. I'm suprised it got a anime and I'm pumped to watch it.

    - Gangsta:

    Also been reading this series. I'm a big fan of mob boss and gangster settings, and this anime will have it as a central theme. The story was fairly good and I'm expecting great action scenes for this one.

    - Prison School/Kangoku Gakuen:

    Are you a pervert/like perverted stuff. Honestly I don't, but hot damn was this a funny read. Lets hope the anime can keep up its unclassy yet hilarious humor.

    -Monster Musume: The pervert in my awakens and this was a funny read.

    -Overlord: Fantastic Light Novel. I really hope that the anime will stay high quality for this well deserving series

    -Rokka no Yuusha: Only series I haven't known about before that I know I will watch. Seems like it will be pretty dang interesting!


    Possible Contenders. I'll see how well these ones turn out before I give em a watch.

    -Chaos Dragon: Looks interesting

    -Ushia to Tora: Dont have high hopes but might be cool

    -Gate: Jieitai: Looks interesting

    -God Eater: Surprised they made a anime on this. Will check it out, might have good action scenes

    -Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: I liked that demon/hero slice of life anime way back when about ruling a kingdom. If this got the same style I'll enjoy it.

    -Kuusen Madoushi: Don't have high hopes at all but might become a afternoon watch.

    -Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Hoping for the best as the summery seems interesting

    -Ranpo Kitan: Game of Lapance: I like survival game stories. This seems like one of them from the title, but no description. Will keep my eyes on it.


    Edit: For the lazy



    I'm mostly interested S2 of Non Non Biyori, S3 of Working, and Charlotte. There's not much out about Charlotte, but Jun Maeda and PA Works are enough to get me interested.


    Other than those I'll probably watch Gakkou Gurashi, God Eater, and a couple of other shows once I see what people like.