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  1. Not that I'll ever have the money for a new console but an Ace Combat 4/5/Zero remaster pack would be neat.
  2. I'm pretty sure they use Invision Power Board I'll do itHey hi Bloob here I'll be Dexide then. Hey hi Dexid here
  3. Hey Bloob, what are you up to these days? Numbers, mostly
  4. It looks like Ore Monogatari is the only thing I'll care about this season.
  5. why is this real
  6. So what exciting things have been happening around here
  7. If I won Member of the Year once, anyone can
  8. The only new show that's been holding my interest lately is Shirobako. It's an anime about making anime. Can't get much more meta than that
  9. No Game No Life more like bad
  10. Can't there just be an thread instead of these?
  11. I don't think kissing qualifies as 18+
  12. Wait....... Bloob has emotions!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!? Only the solid parts
  13. Thanks, Chris. Part of me feels bad for taking this when I'm never around, but it's been here for 5 hours so I might as well.
  14. I am the most well-known and most active member of these forums
  15. I am not an animal
  16. I've never joked once in my entire life if you think I'm joking in my posts you need to seriously think about what a joke is