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  1. I just think locking is pointless. Locking it will result in creation of another dupe thread. And these two aren't tradable thru normal means, like all other weapons in the game, which is why separate threads were created to start with.
  2. It's been bumped a lot because it continues to be a relevant topic for people still playing this game. Another thread on the same topic would be created if this one were locked, and that's pointless.
  3. I wrote the Castlepedia music page from scratch, and there have been no substantial edits, that's why I wondered if it's missing anything I wasn't able to find Newgrounds links for several of the pieces, particularly the ones by Behemoth employee Will Stamper. I'm not even sure if the song titles are correct, but I did the best I could with available info. I've already noticed some remixes on Newgrounds so at least need to add those.
  4. Going to have to see if there's anything missing from the Castlepedia Wiki page. Has anyone else looked?
  5. For the first time ever, I ran across someone who had the Rubber Handled Sword on PS3 Friday. Unfortunately he wasn't willing to trade it. That's the only weapon, item, animal orb, or character that I'm missing. Grr...
  6. Perfect timing! I was just starting to think that Castlepedia needed some lovin' again. It's just too bad that I'm still on a PS3.
  7. Here's a simple one: defeat the Troll Mother (either in the forest or the swamp) on Insane Mode. Without ever using the Jump button.
  8. OK...time to bring on the rumors about 32 characters now After all, 32 is a MUCH better number than 31!
  9. I sent halfcoordinated a message over PSN telling him the DLC was available. I haven't heard back yet though.
  10. My best is green knight.He's the only 1 that I've used, who has successfully soloed the insane mode necromancer without a potion. Everyone else besides Hatty and the blacksmith, I've soloed the insane mode necromancer with potions. I've gotten close to doing that with Red Knight...but sadly, haven't managed to achieve a solo Insane Mode win without using potions yet.
  11. Knowing that The Behemoth has moved on to Battleblock Theater and other projects, I'd be happy if they just changed it so all attributes could go up to 30, and the characters could go up to 100. That would mean you couldn't max out attributes till level 98, and you'd get one more bonus for hitting a "ten" level (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.).
  12. I'm assuming the first 29 are all level 99 as well? And you have all weapons / animal orbs? If so, then it's safe to say you've maxed out once you hit level 99 Gold on those two!
  13. Heh, anyone who's see Trickster in action would know better than to challenge him like that I've been playing Castle Crashers since it came out and I couldn't take him in a duel.
  14. I can solo Insane Mode every level except the final battle with the Necromancer. So I suppose I would call those enemies the most annoying - speed is way too high and there are too many of them.