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  1. Zephyr mentioned in another thread that a friend of his was able to download the Blacksmith DLC on PSN before it was taken down a week later. Unfortunately, even though his friend has all the extra weapons etc., for some reason he's not interested in doing a weapons trade. Does anyone know anybody with this DLC on the PS3, who would be willing to give the weapons to me? I'd like to get the weapons, of course, but I'd also like to check their entries on the wiki / upload pics if possible.
  2. There's been a lot of speculation that The Behemoth won't stop at 31 characters. So, assuming that they put one last character in the game, who would you like to see? Be sure also to describe the Animal Orb, Weapons, and Magic type that the character would use. And please try to keep it to something The Behemoth might consider - no "this character can do EVERY magic attack" answers, please.
  3. I've been watching the US Playstation Store like a hawk, hoping for the day I'd see the Blacksmith pack appear. Before today, the Store had always read "Castle Crashers Add-On". No "s" on the end. But then today, lo and behold, it said "Castle Crashers Add-Ons". My heart skipped a beat as I clicked the link... ...only to find the Pink Knight still was the only pack available. Oh well.
  4. BFG

    Connection Bars And What Happens..

    The "bars" aren't always accurate. There have been times where I've played people that had NO bars (or only 1) and there was very little lag. It seems that lag is most likely to happen when you have 3+ players and at least one has a significantly lower bar level than the others.
  5. BFG

    32nd, And Final, Character

    Interesting! Looks like Tom (or Dan) is running away with this one.
  6. BFG

    Blacksmith and Pink Knight PSN

    I know that's what The Behemoth has said, but you can't deny the chest bumpage...
  7. BFG

    Being a level 99 is more a hinder then help

    Personally, I'd be happy if --Characters could go to level 100 instead of 99 (one more bonus point of Attack, Defense and Magic) --Each attribute could be leveled up 30 times instead of 25 (you couldn't max out all attributes until level 98, and it would allow for 1-2 additional magic options...perhaps my "magic shield" idea to break juggling?)
  8. I forgot exactly how difficult a feat this was. I've managed to move my level 99 Red Knight all the way to the end of Insane Mode, going solo the entire way...but I just can't get past the second wave of the Necromancer Battle. Those darn Beefys keep tossing me around like a ragdoll... So far, I've only managed to do it once...and that was before my first PS3 died. Attempts so far: 3 (on this PS3), 12 total
  9. BFG

    Solo Insane Mode Is Tough.

    Heh, unfortunately that doesn't work too well when you're by yourself on the Necromancer level. Too many enemies moving too quickly...and the Beefies are only slowed down by arrows.
  10. BFG

    Castle Crashers 2: Zombies?

    Meh, zombies are pretty blase nowadays. The Behemoth would have to blend them with something else to make them more interesting. For example...the game could have had pirates, or ninjas, and either one would be cool. But The Behemoth went the extra step and added pirate ninjas. Soooo....perhaps some cyborg-zombies (like our favorite Cyclops) or alien zombies?
  11. Great stuff! I enjoyed reading through it, and it's clear you put a ton of work into it. I'm surprised it didn't take MORE than 50 hours, frankly. One small piece of constructive criticism - I thought that the Fiery Sword (the one you get from the Evil Wizard - I'm too lazy to look up its name right now) was a bit too light. Also, I thought the chainsaw was called the "NG Chainsaw". Finally, I'd argue it's not totally complete until Hatty, the Golden Whale, and the 2x4 Sword are included. You could always put them on there and gray/shade them out, with "LOCKED" over the top of them or something!
  12. BFG

    Steam Launch Misstep

    Wow! A one-woman Customer Support team. You go Megan! The more I think about it, the more I realize that moving to Steam was a pretty big step for CC. After all, the art was all produced for 720p, which could be locked on XBox 360 and PS3...but not on computers. As someone rightly said in another thread, many players wouldn't be able to display 720p on their PCs, either because their monitors couldn't go that high or their computers aren't fast enough. And you can't just resize sprite/Flash style art for larger resolutions like you can 3D graphics engines, without some dithering/blurriness issues. That said, I'm kind of curious what the game would look like on my 1440x900 laptop. And on a different topic, megan--is there any interest from The Behemoth in continuing development of the game? We the community have numerous workable ideas for a 32nd character, an advanced dungeon, etc....
  13. I'd think that a simple way to fix this on ALL systems' boards would be to keep track of each player's playtime for a given character, then disqualify any entries that haven't put in enough playtime to rack up that score. I'm sure we could figure out the "maximum XP per second" rather easily - just stick a few players on the Troll Mother on Insane Mode, and see how much XP they rack up when juggling all the on-screen Trolls at the same time.
  14. BFG

    Steam Launch Misstep

    I'll wait for an official response from The Behemoth on these potential issues before posting my thoughts.
  15. BFG

    Combine The Last Two Games You Played

    On a related note, I just saw a box mockup for the game "Metal Gear Solid: Kingdom Hearts". That game would ROCK.
  16. BFG

    Castle Crasher Tournament

    Wow, trash talking a full 2 months before the tournament? *grabs popcorn*
  17. BFG

    Ps3 Tourney?

    Waiting anxiously in anticipation...though I need to get a LOT more juggling practice in first!
  18. BFG

    Combine The Last Two Games You Played

    Hmm...Castle Crashers and Castlevania: Lords of Shadows. That combo has a LOT of potential. Although my combo almost ended up being Castle Crashers and Ghostbusters. I'm...not really sure how well those two would combine.
  19. BFG

    Is The Ps3 Matchmaking System Fixed?

    I had some similar trouble matching up with halfcoordinated one time. As it turned out, my PS3's network settings were incorrect...I needed to set up my wireless router to forward the ports the PS3 uses. After I did that, I stopped having trouble. It's likely that's your problem if either (a) you can join games, but others can't join games you start; or (b ) you do a network connection test on your PS3, and it says that PvP is "not available".
  20. BFG

    1St Round Shame

    Well, I doubt it'll ever happen, but the idea was this: if you held down the Magic and Shield buttons, then you would constantly drain your magic. But in exchange, if someone hit you directly (standard attack, start of a juggle, etc.), then there would be a chance they would take magic damage and the combo they were starting would be broken. This would also apply if you're being juggled in midair. The key is, you're constantly (and quickly) losing magic energy when you hold down both buttons, and there's only a chance it will work.
  21. BFG

    1St Round Shame

    Juggling is the reason I hope to talk The Behemoth into adding a "magic shield" defensive option to a future release of CC. That way if you start getting juggled you at least have a chance of breaking the chain.
  22. BFG

    Why Are There So Many Low Leveled Players?

    My answer's simple - I lost all my data when my PS3 crashed. That said, I see a lot of 10-30s on the PS3, but I also see a lot of 50-70s. I see very few over 80 however.
  23. BFG


    I'll be interested to see who wins! Just a small suggestion for The Behemoth - I'd recommend making it clear (on the main forum page) that this tourney's only for XBox Live players. We PS3 players will just have to wait a bit longer...
  24. BFG

    Necromancer Figurine Anyone? :D

    If I could get the complete collection (including the Barbarian, King, etc.) then I'd be interested in the Necromancer. Don't think I'll have any chance finding those figures though. But that's okay--The Behemoth sent me a plush Behemoth doll for my work on the wiki, so I'm happy