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  1. Purely out of curiosity, do Tom, Dan, and/or others at The Behemoth ever actually look at this thread? While most of the ideas are...overly imaginative...I can see a few (including mine ) that I think have real potential. I'd love to see some incentives for more PS3 players to buy Castle Crashers. Some free DLC may be just the ticket. If the Leaderboards are any indication, PS3 only has about 250k players as opposed to XBox's 2m+.
  2. One more idea to add to my "generic ideas post" from above. 7. The final boss currently has six forms. How about a seventh "final" form, that is only revealed under two conditions: Insane Mode, and all players in the game are at level 99. Of course it would need to be very difficult. That final form could be fought in mid-air, as the players and Crystal are falling but before the Princess is caught. The reward for beating this form would be a new weapon and/or animal orb, and maybe a new Achievement/Trophy. What should this final form be? Two ideas: Either (a) an unholy amalgamation of the Necromancer and the Sorcerer, or ( a Sorcerer who has the magical abilities of all players currently in the game, in addition to his original ones.
  3. I'm new to the board, so my apologies if any of these are repeats! Here are a few generic ideas that I think would be MUCH easier for The Behemoth to implement than new modes of play (i.e. maybe they might actually happen?) 1. More weapons. There's way too many open slots at the back of the weapons frog! For starters, put new weapons in all of the regular weapon shops in Insane Mode (like is done with the wooden sword in the home castle shop). Maybe put new weapons in some of the dig spots too (or put different dig spots in Insane Mode). Make some of the weapons require high levels (40+). 2. Add back in the 2x4 sword and the rubber-handled sword - maybe put one in that digging spot that's between the thief shooting arrows and the target at the end party? 3. New Animal Orbs. As with the weapons above, several new ones could be placed in Insane Mode shops to replace the original ones. I have numerous ideas for what these could be. About 6 more would do it. 4. Add 5 more bars to each attribute. Right now, attributes max out at level 78. If there was room for 5 more in each attribute, they'd max out at level 98 instead--which offers plenty of incentive to keep playing a character! (Remember that Arena players are evenly matched so this shouldn't cause a conflict between players with this DLC, and players without.) 5. Along with the above, add a new magic ability at 25 Magic Points. This could either be an aerial splash attack, a new magic/weapon combo, or addition of that character's magic type to arrows/boomerang/bombs/etc. 6. "Play as a Painting mode". Need I say more?
  4. I apologize if this has already been posted; I've searched and haven't found anything yet! As with a lot of people, I'm unable to set up new games on the PSN for Castle Crashers, but I am able to join others' games without any problem. I have checked to make sure uPnP is enabled on my router, and that all of the ports used by PSN or Castle Crashers are set to open. But for whatever reason, uPnP is always reported as "Not Available" by my PS3, even though (as far as I can tell!) it should be enabled. Any help would be appreciated! PS3 model: Original 60GB (backwards compatible) Connection Type: Cable Connection Speed: 1.4 Mbps down, 338.5 kbps up uPnP: Not Available Router: Wireless / Linksys WRT54G (with the latest firmware) ISP: Comcast NAT Type: Type 2 Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota EDIT: Looks like this thread has some additional info. I should point out, though, that I'm using my own modem, not one supplied by my ISP.
  5. Here's a minor one: If you're using the Hawk orb, and it attacks an Imp (those creatures that steal gold) that you've knocked down, then when the Imp gets up and runs away it will be invincible. It looks like the game still thinks the Imp is knocked down because the Hawk keeps attacking it till it runs off-screen.