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  1. 'Tis a good question! I have a dark secret when it comes to CC: I stink at juggling. I can sort of do it, and can usually stay in the air for a while or at the edge of a screen, but I don't have the full control that a lot of players have. So, to make it through Insane Mode solo, I often have to be rather creative. Sadly, I don't see any way to make it past Necromancer Wave 2 without solid juggling skills...the one time I was able to do so, I think I just got lucky It probably also doesn't help that I only have time to play an hour or two a week, and my PS3 was broken for 3 months so I'm out of practice! Yes, I am making excuses. But, I do have plenty of incentive to practice now - PS3 tournament of champions!
  2. I've been using Red's Y magic but inevitably manage to have some enemy sneak up behind me and smack me while I'm using it. I need to try to stick to the corners more. I also have had Beefys repeatedly grab me out of my aerial combos and toss me. I suppose I need to get higher lift. It also doesn't help that Beefys can run right through his Y magic without getting hit, if their angle and speed is right. And daikonboy--yeah, good luck with arrow spamming on the 2nd wave It's helpful in a pinch - when you have 1 or 2 enemies encroaching on you - but it's not going to help you keep the entire hoard back.
  3. I haven't figured out how to juggle Beefys consistently yet. I suspect that if I could do that, I'd find this feat considerably easier.
  4. I forgot exactly how difficult a feat this was. I've managed to move my level 99 Red Knight all the way to the end of Insane Mode, going solo the entire way...but I just can't get past the second wave of the Necromancer Battle. Those darn Beefys keep tossing me around like a ragdoll... So far, I've only managed to do it once...and that was before my first PS3 died. Attempts so far: 3 (on this PS3), 12 total
  5. I agree that there's tons of useful info in this guide (now that I've taken the time to read the whole thing through!) That said, I'd recommend expanding the Magic section a bit more - to talk about good "strategic" uses of magic. For example, maxed out Red and Blue Knight/Icekimo magic can help your team get out of a bind by paralyzing/freezing several enemies at once. And multihit magic like the Industrialist/Fencer or Pink Knight can be instrumental during boss fights. The King's magic, of course, can be useful - if you're willing to stand around for ages to let him fully heal everyone between fights. And, finally, magic projectiles can work decently well for characters who don't have a high enough Agility to spam arrows.
  6. Oh, c'mon guys, it was meant to be a "zen" type in, "I enjoy the potential of future Animal Orbs more than any that actually exist right now".
  7. My favorite animal orb is the one which does not exist yet.
  8. I do have to admit, I'm starting to warm up to the idea of a mini-Painter Boss character. For now, my vote's still the Industrial Prince though
  9. Strange...I've never seen lag due to the game itself - even when the troll count was full (i.e. no more would spawn) and there were four players actively attacking. The only lag I've ever seen is due to slow connections. I'm on the PS3, which I suppose might handle 2d/sprite games better than the XBox.
  10. I don't suppose anyone has copies of the WAVs/MP3s directly from the game, or the originals from the authors? The one person I know has them has not responded to my requests. (Some are available from Newgrounds, but not any of Will Stamper's.) I'd like to get copies of them to try to remaster/improve their quality, and put together an OST album for myself
  11. True, "Knightmare" probably would work better! Like I said, I have some refining to do - and undoubtedly, after I post the idea others will come up with better ways to tweak it. In the meantime, I'm trying to decide whether to flesh out the idea completely and ignore how much work it would cause The Behemoth, or try to limit the idea to something that would be easily implemented. (The "fleshed out" version would probably be more fun but the limited version would be more likely to actually happen...)
  12. As Dan mentioned in another thread, The Behemoth will have an announcement out shortly about this. It appears The Behemoth accidentally used the Player Matches board, instead of the Ranked Matches board, to decide who gets invitations. I'm sure they'll come up with some way to rectify it to everyone's satisfaction.
  13. And the ideas keep coming! Last night I spent an hour fleshing out a "Knight's Nightmare" challenge that uses many of these same ideas. But I think I'll hold off on posting about it till I have it more developed - and The Behemoth has had a chance to work through the Fight to 3 Million Tourney issues
  14. Just remember guys, this isn't something The Behemoth has to do at all. The tourney is 100% free, which means they're not getting paid a dime to execute it - and it takes quite a bit of time. Yeah, it's a shame that this happened, but it would have been a bigger shame not to have the tourney at all. *waiting anxiously for the PSN tourney*
  15. defeat talk dude....gets you nowhere. Nope, but it lulls others into a false sense of security
  16. Wow, they used the Player matches board instead of the Ranked matches board? That's...a problem.
  17. I'm not picking on you personally, chikkin, but as a programmer I can say it's pretty irritating when people ask programmers to "make it awesome" without giving much detail about what they mean That said, I agree that resolution changes, VSync, and text chat are a good start. There's also a LOT of other things I'd like to see, ranging in difficulty from "you've got to be joking" to "done in 2 minutes". Ideas: The "Necromancer's Challenge" aka "Survival Remix" mode currently under discussion in the main CC forum Level, weapon, and/or Animal Orb creator/editor Leveled weapons or animal orbs. For example, a level 1 Wooden Club would give less Strength than a maxed out (say, level 5) Wooden Club. But the level 5s would be much rarer. A higher level weapon would automatically replace a lower level one when you picked it up. Fixes to some of the dozens of minor bugs I've catalogued A 32nd character - lead vote-getters right now are Tom Fulp/Dan Paladin or Industrial Prince A 30th Animal Orb Extend the four Attributes out so you can put up to 30 in each, instead of 25. This would mean you wouldn't max out till level 98. Along with the above, add a sixth magic ability. This could be some sort of magical shield effect (i.e. you hold Magic and Shield at the same time--your magic is quickly and constantly drained but if you're hit during this time, the attacking character is hurt). This could allow for some defense against juggling Allow all characters to go to level 100 instead of 99, so that they get 1 more point to all attributes (which generally increase every 10th level) Eight player mode
  18. On another topic - what do the Tournament rules say would happen if you decide to attack the King?
  19. So, is there a madbestkillerkiller? EDIT: Ooh, a golden PS3! Too bad I stand absolutely no chance of winning its Tourney. Oh well.
  20. Sure, it's likely nothing like this will happen, but you can't blame a guy for dreaming A neverending Challenge Mode is just the sort of thing the super-advanced players need to maintain interest in CC. And it would be a great hook for longtime CC players considering purchasing the Steam version.
  21. Yeah, I almost wonder if the Fight To 3 Million qualifying round should be "redone" after this is fixed. But then again, I'm on PS3, not XBox, so have no idea how bad it is
  22. I'm kind of surprised you didn't suggest "The Forgotten Knights" I've never really liked the name "Pelter's Revenge"...perhaps "Dragonhead's Challengers" or something like that? Or, maybe [He-Man voice]MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE[/He-Man voice]
  23. Thanks for the explanation, Dan! I obviously didn't think about the texture loading/unloading and memory challenges, or the "boringness" of the early ramp-ups. Nevertheless, I'm excited that someone from The Behemoth actually read through and seriously considered this idea. I know you stated that "...the idea is cool but I don't think we'll be implementing it." And I completely understand and respect that. But that said, if you, Tom, and the others are willing to consider this as a new feature for the Steam version - as a sort of "5 Year Anniversary Edition" gift - I'm sure we the fans could help you come up with a Necromancer's Challenge that is both a ton of fun, and doesn't face any of the challenges you described. (It would likely also increase Steam purchases from longtime fans...) I for one am a programmer/database manager by trade, and am regularly involved in testing. So I do understand quite a bit of what you're saying, and would be happy to beta test if that would help. And, if The Behemoth does decide to make no further additions, then I just ask that the Steam version include both "Volleyball" AND "All You Can Quaff". And maybe a 32nd character. And a few more weapons. And a 30th animal orb.
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    I don't know a thing about it, but I'll try to learn more I just found it while doing a search for "Castle Crashers" on Gamefaqs.