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  1. All right guys, now that Koen and I have cleaned up Castlewiki, we need some ideas on how to improve it. Bonus points if you not only have an idea, but also are willing to make the changes. Here are the ideas that I would like to see implemented. Comments appreciated.
  2. BFG

    Psn Arena

    I'm also hoping they won't strictly adhere to the "you must be in the top 100" rule on PSN in order to qualify...since there's almost no way I can get up there in 3 months. Still, it's awesome that they're hosting one! P.S. +1 to Ender for using Baxter Stockman as an avatar.
  3. BFG

    Psn Arena

    Yes, I'd really like to improve my current record of 2 wins / 2 losses.
  4. Fantastic! I'd better start hitting CC hard...since I lost all my data I doubt there's any way I can get to the top 100 in time. Rats! On a side note, Megan - might I suggest a little incentive to the winner, in the form of something like a Necromancer figurine, or *ahem* a playable Industrial Prince?
  5. BFG

    Tournament Of Champions 2

    If it's on PSN, then I'm in. (Now, if we can only get The Behemoth to give away a playable Industrial Prince as the grand prize.)
  6. So, over 3 months ago I mentioned on the forums that my PS3 quit working. Just last week, I was told that it could not be repaired. Unfortunately, it's not possible to copy data from one PS3 hard drive to another, unless both hard drives are in the original PS3 consoles. Translation: I lost ALL of my Castle Crashers progress. Every character. Every weapon. Every Animal Orb. Every Gold Skull and Level 99. All of it. If only I'd used the Backup Feature when I could have...
  7. Yep. And to make matters worse, I had the Folding@Home program (which folds proteins and sends the results to Stanford, to help with the study of genetic diseases) pretty much all the time, so it was always running hot. If I'd known the first generation PS3s were this susceptible to heat failure, I wouldn't have run the program, and probably never would have had a problem.
  8. BFG

    Your Greatest Castle Crashers Moment

    Mine's similar to Spidermonk. Beating the Necromancer on Solo Insane Mode for the first time, with no potions and <50HP left.
  9. BFG

    Gold Skull Count

    If you're on PS3 and willing to put up with my low-level characters, I'm in.
  10. Yep. They were able to get the old one to start up again, but it couldn't display anything. I wanted to try to start the Backup Utility on it blind, but they'd already sent it to be recycled.
  11. Very true! Already I have virtually all the characters, weapons and Animal Orbs unlocked. And it's encouraged me to learn better juggling techniques since I want to level back up quickly. (Halfcoordinated--I'm not nearly as rusty as I was that one time we played!) So far, the most interesting moment has been hearing online players' surprise when they see that I know how to juggle and attack each boss's pattern despite having no characters over level 25. I regularly out-XP the level 99s
  12. BFG

    Cc Music

    There's a Music page on Castlewiki for just this purpose...
  13. BFG

    Ideas for improving Castlewiki

    Yep, I know FG10. Koen and I have done everything we can with the current tools to slow down the spam, but we'll need The Behemoth to add some more stuff before we can do anything else. I'm a little afraid to look at the site right now...I've been gone for almost 3 months so have left it up to Koen to keep things in shape. I hope he hasn't minded...I think I probably owe him a chance to take a vacation now
  14. BFG

    2x4 Sword

    If anybody finds it on PS3, let me know
  15. BFG

    Gold Skull Count

    Zero now. *sigh*
  16. BFG

    Death Of The Ps3

    Or, at least, death of mine. I turned on my first-gen PS3 today to, of all things, watch The Muppets. Sadly, it was not meant to be, for the Red Blinking Light of Death swiftly struck. Guess I won't be playing any Castle Crashers for a while... I'm trying to decide whether it's worth the $70 repair that will make it last a few more months, or just get another one...thing is, I've got way too many PS2 games to buy a model that doesn't have backward compatibility. Oh, what to do!
  17. BFG

    Purple knight or Pink knight?

    Six weeks before my PS3 gets repaired...
  18. BFG

    Ending Death Animation

    Personally, I'd be much happier if the "X" underneath the Thief at the party had some sort of weapon or animal orb in it.
  19. Yeah, we're trying to confirm whether the wiki's right. (One of the guys on this forum put that note on the wiki.)
  20. *takes note to try that* Hmmm...I'm sensing a "Beefy Only boss run" coming up...
  21. BFG

    Which Character Looks Best In Beefy

    Hmm, that reminds me. I don't believe I've gotten to see a beefy Hatty yet. Wonder what he looks like...
  22. BFG

    Which Character Looks Best In Beefy

    Which character looks best in Beefy mode? My vote is the Industrial Prince.
  23. BFG

    Contest Voting: Absurd Video Game Covers

    Wouldn't mind seeing your work - where is it posted?