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  1. OH MY LORD YOU'VE SAVED MY LIFE! Acid bubbles work too!
  2. well I know that in a ranked match whenever someone leaves i either get 1-3 wins or 1-3 losses
  3. I was wondering how the quitting punishment system is set up because usually it works out that if I am winning and the my opponent quits then I get the remaining number of matches as wins put onto my record but today when I was playing muckle I would be on the very first map with about 100 points ahead of the other opponent in a 1v1 and he would quit then after checking my record I would have 3 extra losses and because of this my record has gone from 4 losses to 13 so if someone could explain to me how the system works that would be great
  4. Banned because it happened again and because my muckle win loss ratio is very important also ban because you fell into peer pressure and changed your avatar into something you didn't know or care about so that means I made a TRIPLE BAN
  5. I have to admit I did get pretty annoyed with the Scott pilgrim music but I just turned down the music and listened to my own because it doesn't really matter to me
  6. Banned because my opponent quit a muckle game when I was winning but it gave me 3 losses now I have 7 losses how will I ever live
  7. Banned. because I don't feel like putting 3 periods. .
  8. Yah it does look alot like a normal fps but hopefully the ships will play a role in the game that will make something different and they most likely will they are going to have a working 16 bit computer to control your ship I have a feeling that this won't just be another fps game
  9. Banned because it is the hooded person who sells the map to Peach in the beginning of the game
  10. Hmmmmm interesting I'm really sorry you didn't get in the 1500th page
  11. Get your facts straight there's no potato there will be a watermelon though