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  1. None, I am trying to unlock more characters first.
  2. Where's the song for the Rain Dance boss? It's like the best song in the game!
  3. When you're using a lower leveled character, watch out for the beefy brutes. They'll take you out in like three hits, and don't even let you get a good hit...
  4. I like the Necromancer because it has over powered magic, and he just looks really cool. I also like the bear because he has an overpowered tornado spell.
  5. Character: Gold Night Element: N/A (Like the arrow and bomb spells) Starting Weapon: Golden Mace RT+Y: Gold Rise (gold comes from the ground) RT+B: Gold Shard RT+Y Air: Gold Shard RT+A: Gold Explosion
  6. I think they should make DLC pets that are stronger than the others... I mean, some of the pets do like 5 damage and attack every 30 seconds, missing almost every time.