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  1. Behemoth

    The Cc Multiplatform Suggestions Thread

    3DS pls
  2. Behemoth

    Gold Skull Count

    None, I am trying to unlock more characters first.
  3. Behemoth

    List of Music and where to get it

    Where's the song for the Rain Dance boss? It's like the best song in the game!
  4. Behemoth

    Most Annoying Enemies?

    When you're using a lower leveled character, watch out for the beefy brutes. They'll take you out in like three hits, and don't even let you get a good hit...
  5. Behemoth

    What Is Your Favorite Cc Character And Why?

    I like the Necromancer because it has over powered magic, and he just looks really cool. I also like the bear because he has an overpowered tornado spell.
  6. Behemoth

    The Official Create-A-Crasher Thread

    Character: Gold Night Element: N/A (Like the arrow and bomb spells) Starting Weapon: Golden Mace RT+Y: Gold Rise (gold comes from the ground) RT+B: Gold Shard RT+Y Air: Gold Shard RT+A: Gold Explosion
  7. Behemoth

    DLC Ideas Thread

    I think they should make DLC pets that are stronger than the others... I mean, some of the pets do like 5 damage and attack every 30 seconds, missing almost every time.