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  1. Really solid theory to be honest. First time I saw the Pit People trailer I too thought that it was Hatty due to the fact Stamper does an identical voice. If you ask me I think the theory is good, at this point most evidence points towards it being Hatty now running another show in the theater or perhaps having a show run within his heat as some sort of sedation whilst the hat is still on him. We can assume something happens with Hatty due to the giant beam at the end of BBT From the hat so. It's all just speculation at this point but knowing Behemoth they're most likely pointing all evidence to one thing so we're thrown off when it isn't that.
  2. So, been a good year but I'm back. I guess.

  3. I'll do Hooshmand, you don't have him on the list but he is however a star head prisoner.
  4. I'de be more than happy to do so, Do you have a capture card? I much prefer playing on Xbox but it is however easier to record and edit on a computer
  5. Hey guys! No longer will I be making many topics. This time I'm going to just use this one. To start off I have made some concept art for a castle crasher character! The Fox Knight!
  6. Ever wandered what Castle Crashers would look like if most of the characters had bill cosby's face? Well Here Ya Go
  7. Hi guys! So I have been doing extremely lazy and not very difficult edits of the CC characters such as one I made of me as the Skeleton So I'm open to suggestions as to what styles I should do on the characters as well as, twists, concepts and requests. Have a good one -Cupcake
  8. Oh and also Could you draw a cupcake looking avatar with your BBT kind of style to it?
  9. Hey there Pickles! Believe it or not I watched all your Ty the Tasmanian tiger videos I don't know how many times I've rewatched it Got any tips on how I can improve my sketches? I use Photoshop Elements 8 Here's are some examples of work I've done Here are the behemoth related one's I have done And here's one I did for a school assignment so it's a slightly different style