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  1. I'm not sure how I go about figuring the best time for the A++ ranking. Should I just use my time, or do mine but minus a few seconds. Also how can I tell how long it took for me to beat the level. It seems like there is no timer.
  2. I would like a level where the two buddies are seperated at all times.
  3. No one can "write down" this marvelous tune. How did it come about? Caused by massive drinking, or created by gods? Who knows, you do, SO TELL ME NOW!
  4. What is your favorite track in the whole game? The only rule is it CAN'T be the secret area music because it is seriously TOO GOOD. Edit: There seems to be a second guy in the Secret Area music, is it just stamper or is it someone else?
  5. Please Read Before Posting! Please watch this before asking any questions! If it still didn't answer the thing you wanted to know like how some of the blocks work. Please go to Battlepedia, here. ( Okay, now let's begin! You are probably here asking, "Can you give me some tips on how to make a better level?" Yes I am friend, and I will give you multiple tips on how to not make your level not smell like bat poop. Well my friend, I have seen a lot of bat poop levels on the community theater right now! So here are my DOs and Don'ts of making a level. DOs Do make your levels fun and excited, don't waste a moment to put an interesting obstacle or puzzle. One example is instead of having a normal ladder, put some lasers next to it to make a timing obstacle! Do use the signs. I mean both the arrow ones, the warning ones, and the instructional ones. If you think there might be a chance of them not knowing where to go, use a arrow sign to point them in the right direction. The warning ones are mostly used for decoration, but they do make simple obstacles seem more challenging. The instructional ones should be used every time a player not know what to do. A heavy example is calling the horse to you with the LT button. I'm sure someone made a level where this happened and didn't put the sign. Do have intriguing placement of both your strawberries and your pie. Make sure that the pie one is the most difficult/hardest to find while the strawberries can be more easy to reach places. Another thing I've seen is that people use hidden block trails to hide strawberries, which is fine. However, they have mostly been random and not hinted at in the slightest. There are a few ways that you can hint at a hidden trail. One of them being an indent, which is where there is an empty space to the entrance of the hidden trail. Another is using colored blocks to lead the path. Finally, the last one is leaving the strawberry exposed, which will make them look around and probably will find your hidden block trail. Do test your levels with a friend. This is both for single player levels and co-op levels. (NOTE: I'm sorry if you're forever alone, but you should do this.) Since you made the map, you know where all the strawberries and pie are. And also how to beat the level effectively. You should ask a friend or relative. This is way more important in co-op levels though since you should get the feel on how to play the level with a friend. Do use plants and trees. They are just fun to put about to make your level not feel empty. DON'Ts Don't make your level open as all hell. I've seen levels that are all just cannons and grenade cats that are all just thrown across the whole level without linear thinking. Please make your levels linear where there is a beginning, middle, and end. The only exception is MAYBE secret levels, but don't make them super difficult. Don't make troll levels. I've seen levels that have just hidden blocks every where that only lead to death. It isn't fun, it isn't creative, it's just pointless. Don't make your level's impossible level difficult unless it actually requires skill. There are levels that are just filled with grenade throwing cats, lasers, and spikes just placed to make things difficult that requires no skill to traverse and ends up being luck. Don't use only a single color. There are some levels that are a single color which is horrible to look at. It isn't fun seeing the same single colored block everywhere in the level with no patterns. Use colors that contrast or maybe look cool and are easy to tell apart! Your help! Please comment below if you have any DOs or DON'Ts to help the new blood! We need nice juicy Dracula worthy new blood and not that sparkly vampire new blood! COMMENT BELOW!
  6. On completing a level. "Your making me giddy! Hehehe! Heheheehihihehehah!" that makes me laugh everytime
  7. Maybe he ain't dead. Notice how the hat turned green (which usually means good.....or acid.) He was possibly revived and that is what cause the huge explosion.
  8. What do you think of the story? I for one LOVED IT SO Hard! The ending was so full of mind fudge that no normal mortal can understand it! Three words can only describe this beauty of a story: Buckle. Your. Pants.
  9. At the end of the level editor video on youtube it says to go check out the wiki? Where is this wiki?
  10. I have some questions that I want to ask because I really don't want to get in trouble since this is my favorite game. Who can I tell about the game? Like I have a little brother that is super excited about this game, I didn't want to tell him about the beta because I don't want to give his hopes up if I don't get in. Is it okay to play with family or friends? Will the beta end when those event days end? What features will be in the closed beta, such as story, multiplayer, or level editor?
  11. I believe the "Narrator" is going to be the main villain, since he is the puppet master. Heck, he could even be Hatty, or maybe even the HAT ITSELF! Post your crazy theories on the story of BattleBlock Theater.
  12. I think that would be a great idea, it would be like the littlebigplanet beta where they can see what they can make and if there is any bugs with the level maker.