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  1. Thanks guys! PJ and I are really excited to do this run. It's gonna be a great time for sure!
  2. Thats modded not broken. They can't stop every modder they can only take precautions and make the game hard to mod. Just report him, if you want them to fix an exploit privately message them don't post here online and show more people its possible. Not correct. We didn't use any modding what so ever. The issue we noticed is it's all lag related because none of the glitches work locally, so it has to be done online. As for saying "oh the game is broken, it's horrible, etc. etc." I think it adds a lot more to the game, makes it way more fun. They're not game-breaking glitches where you can skip multiple stages or duping hats giving you tons of gems (which, by the day, it only gives you 10 gems no matter what). They make some stages sort of, granted, but when we mess around with them, it usually ends up making the stages harder. Here's a good example: .. Take note, we did this on insane mode, so any screw up would've cost us to start the stage over. And I'm pretty sure everything we did in that stage was slower than the intended solution. In short, the glitches are super fun.