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  1. Morg


    Guess its time to buy a Switch
  2. Try clicking on the "about" tab to look at the Careers page. You could also try looking at the Support tab.
  3. Man, the forums are popular. I wish it wasn't so loud and active all the time.
  4. I lost my pet Bloob the last time I saw him he was staring at a black hole video feed what do I do
  5. Morg

    You're banned!

    Banned for not being a bigger elder chicken, I'm older than u
  6. Nice, but I do not condone clownshaming
  7. This is awesome stuff. Hanging with the Yacht Club boys must have been fun too. Definitely not jealous
  8. I've been on a Kingdom Hearts kick for at least 2 months now in anticipation of KH3. I got the platinum trophy for KH2 and DDD, working on BbS but the black coat refuses me a single victory. It's like trying to win the lottery, I swear.
  9. Morg

    You're banned!

    Banned for having 22 Gold Skulls. You could donate them to a cause that needs them, man.