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  1. yeah I know what you mean. Only way I could find for a preview was just to see them above the door after you beat them but it doesn't work for the final levels (just before encores) just because those don't have preview windows.
  2. Hello! here is the brand spanking new playlist by me! Ever felt like acting cultured and deep while avoiding spikes and lasers? Really?! You have?! Well then come on down and play a round don't forget to take a glance at the preview of the levels to see the pixel art as a whole before each level. Enjoy!
  3. I think getting a grade level in every stage in both normal and insane (solo and co-op) also including encores is a decent challenge with less frustration
  4. My favorite head is the finn looking one, he looks so like "nothing surprises me anymore"
  5. My tip would be no level with more than 3 robots used. I personally don't like them in huge numbers
  6. I feel that if you pull that in a game the other players would probably catch on to you pretty fast and just spam or something
  7. Hi, I figured this would be the most appropriate place to post my problem. So I uploaded my playlist "Pixel Art" saturday night and from the looks of it I thought everything was fine and dandy. A lot of people seemed to be playing it and some people seemed to really enjoy it. anywho I forgot where I read it but somewhere I saw that a playlist get's removed for a while if it was reported for something offensive/foul, but I can't even begin to think what people could have considered to be offensive/foul about it. any updates as to why that could have happened? I put in a good amount of work for that playlisy and I wasn't aware of the recommendation to back-up the playlist so now It feels like it was all for nothing if it's not there for people to play.
  8. I uploaded an adventure playlist yesterday night and from what I could tell it was doing very well in terms of people playing it, however for some reason I can't seem to find it now on the community theter list for Adventuse Solo. From what i saw my playlist was the ast one as of now to be uploaded so it should be in new adventure solo but it's not. I also did't realize a back up was recommended since it was my first playlist and I put alot of hours into creating it. any reason why it would just dissappear all of a sudden?