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  1. WOW. Well Winston won't be as rare anymore... At least it's only for a week (please don't rerelease him again... Please...) I hope people still join the forums for all of its forum-ness!
  2. You are really generous. I would like Cat Control, Furbottom, and Tiny Monkey please. GT: GameMaster834 Edit: I don't know if I could have another one, but if I could, I would Love to have Toast please. (sorry if i've asked for a little too much)
  3. I was on vacation and I missed moose, half off, and boot. So if anyone has some extra, can they help me? It ends up I got the three heads from my friend so... Can someone lock this topic? Thanks if you do.
  4. Banned for a very confusing ban appeal
  5. I HATED the Ch.8 encores. I might not go back to get A++ on encore 2 in Ch.8 in a loooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg time. So I agree with you Memor. But about the diamond trophy... I think it should be getting every achievement, anyone agree?
  6. Banned because you did that on purpose
  7. I just got them both, and I liked the playlist a lot hope next week there will be an even better prisoner then these two already awesome prisoners! Actually... I don't like blocketeer that much... But 25% Off prisoner is awesomeeeeeee!
  8. halomaster I also got scammed out with furbottom but also with lava lamp I feel ur pain