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  1. Lava lamp and tiny monkey GT:whos Stealth
  2. Dang it when u traded i was asleep... Oh well it actually doesnt matter because i have donut, today u r doing cat control though right?
  3. *sees new avatar* Why are you so obsessed with the grim reaper and such? I haven't got an answer for that. You just did answer. Well there's your answer, I will post the question within the next hour so stay tuned, One last tip the Cat control head is going to be released tomorrow. Wait so if i win tonight i cant get cat control?
  4. 300 fot lava lamp? or 300 for cat control
  5. Im gonna try it out today! I was mad though because yesterday i was gonna but i went out to eat
  6. Haha thx. So should i get on now to do the gems? Or what time is good for you?