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  1. The...last? I want to click that check out button soooo badly... Edit: Nevermind...I clicked it... -Olvidado
  2. First of all...you're avatar is awesome! Second...that video made me laugh a little... I'd really like to see it in a non-stop running faze...that would be hilarious... Maybe if The Behemoth team continue posting Game 3 monsters, like the Raccoon, on the Dev Blog, somebody on these forums could make some sort of video with all of them in it...doing whatever it is that they do... As for your question...I have no clue.... I'm sure somebody here can answer it though! -Olvidado
  3. Alien Hominid would actually be the perfect pet. If he didn't have his gun. Or knife. Or teeth...He's an unstoppable death-machine you know! -Olvidado
  4. What he said.....Green Knight will eat you all....I don't know how, but he will....and then laugh at you....and poison your friends....and continue laughing.... -Olvidado
  5. BANHAMMORZ For no punctuation. You should have banned him for forgetting the word have...I wanted to but, you beat me to the post. -Olvi p.s. I'm not stopping anytime soon P3+J3^u! !
  6. BANNED For not being online at the time of your banning! Wait....wha? -Olvidado
  7. My word got knocked out fast... Must try again! Just give me a moment....um..... NINJARIFFIC? I'll have a better one later... -Olvi Edit: Laughed so hard at the one below me! Now I need to make mine better....
  8. I'm surprised you remember that then! Electric Light Orchestra? I don't believe I've heard of them...Well, thank you for the information! I'm going to go back to making a "Shinier" tofu avatar... Off-topic: I can't stop watching your avatar until it ends! Your avatar is awesome by the way... -Olvidado
  9. wow....just....WOW....this was beyond awesome.... I think this is better than those other videos by a LONG shot. I sort of wanted to make something like this because...well...I just plain like killing people with those weapons! I think you have a guaranteed win right there. What kind of recording device did you use for this? Whatever you used looks pretty good. I say you should make a sequel! Great vid Glitch! -Olvidado
  10. ...I like this video...but it saddens me.....because I want a barbarian! This is a good video and I must admit that I actually laughed a little. I think it's truly deserving enough to be on dev blog. Might I ask what song that is in the video? I've heard it before but I have never known the name of it... -Olvidado
  11. I was pretty sure my word would be disregarded in a matter of seconds. Well...thank you...I'm glad my randomness actually amounted to something. I'm going to start trying to think of a better word...but I don't think I have a better word in my vocabulary. I give up! I can't think of anything! - Olvi
  12. Wow this looks....like something I will overuse.....I want to test it.... Great job on this addition Emil! -Olvi -edit To Khronik.... I've had this icon since I joined this forum....so it's the other way around....
  13. TOFULICOUSNESS Is that good enough? Though epic does describe it fairly well....I thought it needed to have something to do with my (soon to be shiny) avatar. I know this isn't even close to as good as everyone else's but....I think it is deserving enough to be posted...
  14. My xbox exploded on the inside three days after I got Castle Crashers on launch day...I had the time to explore the stages and get all the animal orbs and most of the weapons on my own. Sadly I only beat the game with Green Knight and Red Knight...So I didn't get that many characters. I went through all the arenas plenty of times hoping to unlock more characters....I wanted to unlock ninja...I should have looked it up before my xbox died...So I could put ninja stars in people's faces.... -Olvidado
  15. Well Done! This could prove to be very useful! Sadly my xbox exploded so I can't exactly use it... Either way this will help plenty of people! Thank you for posting this...Although don't you get gray knight from Barbarian Boss? The arrows symbolize that when you beat the game with that character you unlock the character below them....right? -Olvidado
  16. That's strange...I always thought he was the only one who spins and everyone else does back flips...he is my main so individuality is a plus for me but...hm........... I would check right now to see if I was wrong but my xbox 360 literally blew up two days ago....hurry up and repair it Microsoft.....
  17. Your blue knight has red on him....wouldn't that make him purple? Your avatar denies the laws of.......mixing paint colors.....therefore you win.... Epic win! -Olvidado
  18. Hello, I am Olvidado. Also known as Olvi for short. I am sort of new here.... I have been watching people rant about Castle Crashers since the old xbox forums. I played Alien Hominid quite a bit....and one day when I was looking up information on it I found Castle Crashers. I've been waiting for the release of the game ever since...Not much of a story but I really have nothing else to say...