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  1. i got furbottom last week for the blockateer and just redid furbottoms feature and got the blockateer back
  2. Dang i just sit in my family room raging on chapter 4 and singing songs to calm my nerves Im not crazy
  3. Can anyone help me with finishing my star head collection? I got the game the week it came out but i had school work so i missed alot of furbottom features ive got most of them now from trading but i need: Cat Control Gerard Winston Toast I have 500 gems right now so im pretty poor and the most i can offer for one is 200 but under the condition that you guys would leave the game with 100 gems you would have to give me the star head the first 100. Please Help! P.S if you really want me too i will pay for your extras.
  4. you willing to give one away? gt: maxl523
  5. Yeah, I ripoff people all the time too. I got the furbottom head for the alien hominid one! that's a bit of a fail actually. i second koen the alien hominid and castle crasher are really rare because the people who first get them are the behemoth fans. i had the crasher but i never bought alien hominid cause i always use up all my microsoft points and then when i dont have anymore i want Alien hominid again and some guy gave me his alien hominid for the fathers day one and i just face palmed.
  6. if only people would give me what i asked for but no i cant have the last 5 star heads i need
  7. Who else is waiting for dlc for Battleblock? i decided it would be fun to start a thread and show you guys some of my ideas for dlc's and read some of yours every time i go on the forums. My ideas are Idea 1: Candy Island The friends are on a boat and the circle head character is wearing a captains helmet and the narrator is saying things like "wow what an uneventful journey" and then everything spirals out of control and a pirate gang boards their ship. The circle head tries to talk to the other captain and they make their way to the candy island (like the narrators comment in the begging of the game) when you get there the first chapter is on the deck of the ship and the enemies wear pirate hats and everything is wooden. after that everything is retextured like candy blocks and maybe chocolate cats or cats that are made out of some kind of candy. later the group discovers that the pirates found hatty's hat and they covered it with chocolate. They jokingly wear it and they get possessed like hatty and start building a second theater on candy island. Each Dlc would have 4 chapters and the 4th chapter would be in the construction of the second theater and you have to destroy the theater and save Candy island. Also after every dlc you would get a star character and a new weapon: Star Head: Gingerbread Head Weapon: Gumdrops (you place them down and when a enemy gets near it they blow up) Please give constructive criticism -Will edit more ideas later- Post your ideas please - Max
  8. Then theres the people who cant afford another character from the gift shop XD
  9. This made me laugh so hard. Seconded. thirdendendend. yeah
  10. Id really like the cat control its one of the only 5 star characters i dont have that are out right now
  11. "From the Creators of castle Crashers which ive heard mixed reviews, mostly good" "YOUR FIRED!" "YOUR FIRED!" plus one of the comments in the trailer which were one the comments that made me want Battleblock so bad "When your sitting in a pool of your own sweat and peepee, ILL BE THERE, AND IM GONNA LAUGH'
  12. Battleblock theater is so awesome. Got it the day it came out and still play it almost everyday.
  13. i am 5 star heads away from having all the current ones. cant wait for more all star heads are awesome