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  1. Did you know that in the punk rock zombie game "Charlie Murder's", main story line was based off of a real experience that happened to "James Silva" the creator of the game? It's rumored that James is to Charlie, and James best friend is to Paul, but James made a WHOLE level based off of another experience after the release of his first arcade game "Dishwasher dead samurai", a group of German piraters started to ilegally download James Silva's musical work, and he didn't even know about it! But they took it a step further and took one of James songs and called it as their own, James made a song "Yuki's death" , and forgot to copyright it, the piraters found this out and sued James for "stealing their song". He couldn't do anything about it, so they won the trial and kept the song, James had to create a new song later on, but he made a level based off of all of this in his new game, the level was a "pirate" ship with tons of internet stars, there are posters everywhere with mugshots of Charlie's band members saying, "Next target, Charlie Murder MP3's". The boss battle has a big fat disgusting man called "Oscar the Nth" Which is a reference to the leader of the pirates, Oscar. In short terms, James knew that the pirates wanted his songs, so he made a level which was a big middle finger to them, AND made the soundtrack a name your price deal.
  2. I think you guys are forgetting a person by the name of "Swirly Kalen", or Swik on the forums, but his new account is Ghosty. I think he got all A++.
  3. It was before the official release though... Which pretty much means that they scrapped it, and wont be giving it away.
  4. Ulcer popsicle is a failure I guess >,

  5. ... I dun wanna toot my own horn here, but thank you for voting on Ulcer popsicle guys! Ulcer popsicle must be featured!
  7. Swirly, this will playlist WILL be remembered after all the work and time and effort that you have put into it, you got this man
  8. Just thought that I would post it...
  9. ;~; I guess I'll have to wait another 2 weeks...

  10. Oh my god, Thank you so much, I worked really hard on Ulcer Popsicle. Ever since I started playing BBT actually.
  11. You probably should've told me this before I played it..... Not to be rude but in this one picture it looks like there are all kinds of Finns from Adventure Time I didn't think that anyone else but me would think that too :/
  12. Yes that's right, an "Ulcer popsicle"! Do you remember that one crappy playlist called "Ulcer pop" that got no views? Well I made that... Yeah... But now I have made a newer version including way more fun stuff instead of all that super annoying difficult BC! No I haven't made it super easy now but it is way easier. I'm hoping this will be a success unlike my other playlist, But trust me! Try it out and I bet you will fall in love with it! It has gotten reviews such as! "You have set the playlist standard high my good man - Swik" And "I give it a 4 and a half out of 5 because I realized that this taught me some new skills, And it truly was fun - Derekis" It's gonna be lots of fun! Story line: It's just another boring old day in BattleBlock Theater, You're put into another performance and everything is fine except for act 2, In the crowd you spot some one you have never seen before, A creepy looking fellow, In the middle of the audience. He walks out holding bags of C4, TNT and all kinds of other explosives, He then starts strapping some on the outer walls of the building. You then realize this thing is planning to destroy the theater! Now in a way that's kind of good because you're trying to escape the theater, But you can't save your friends or Hatty, Or even your self in that matter! So you must save the theater! You plan on how to save the theater, Your only idea is to defeat this enemy. So once you go back to your cell, You start looking outside to see if you can find him, You don't find him but instead find a glowing crack in the ground, Your guess is that he is there, The next day the audience is so distracted by your performance that they don't notice that the theater is starting to fall apart slowly, You have to use caution in the 6th act because rocks and debris are falling off the building onto you, Eventually the cats realize that they have to leave because the building is nearly destroyed, Now is your chance to get outside and defeat the enemy! But all of a sudden you see Purham's hat covered in blood fly out of the gift shop, You check inside to see Hatty crushed by a rock, You check his pulse, Dead, You are now full of rage and you want revenge, Right now, You gather some of the weapons and jump through all the rubble to reach outside. You run and run to reach the crack, It's even bigger now and you can see people falling into it trying to climb back up, You have no choice but to jump inside, Now you are just falling into the dark. You fall into a dark place, It is almost completely pitch black, You start making your way through some difficult jumping to reach the villains lair, he tells you that his name is "Yekop" and he is the only cat of Purham that wasn't treated very well, Now he is dead and wants to get revenge back on his beloved owner who took care of everything except for poor Yekop, You start fighting him and eventually he is pinned down, You light his tatters on fire and he falls into ashes, a beam of light carries you upwards and you eventually reach back "home" and reunite with all your freed prisoners. They tell you that a band of pirates have come to rescue them, You go onto the ship with the others and watch the theater completely crumble, including some other weird gray complex in the back of it, but you have no information of that. (Or do you?) Your quest is rewarded with a popsicle party! Mmm, Ulcer flavor. Your favorite! Sadly Hatty may be dead, And Yekop may have had a sad story, But in the end you saved all your friends and escaped, at least that's something. THE END. Short story: On another average day in Battleblock theater you notice that somebody named "Yekop" is planning to destroy the theater! But you have to save it because you wont be able to free Hatty or your friends. So you must go into the darkness to fight Yekop and save everybody! Art:
  13. No problem. You deserve it, This playlist NEEDS to be shown because it is just truly fascinating.
  14. Hi everybody, I was one of the first testers to try this out, And I have to say that this is playlist is Truly amazing. It has a well thought out story that's interesting and canon to the main story line. It has WAY innovative traps and puzzles in it's levels that will 100% be original and fun. And the color scheme is so beautiful and the levels are so addicting and fun that you just want to keep playing. I highly recommend checking this playlist out, It has got to be one of the best playlist's of all time. Maybe, Even the best. But that's probably pushing it too far . Good job Swik, I give it a 10 out of 5.
  15. So I'm making a remastered version of my old playlist, And I think it's doing pretty good, But there is only one problem, I don't know what the community thinks of it, So I am calling out to anyone out there who can test some levels for me and give me some honest feed back! Please be specific when identifying things that you think I should change or think of doing, Thanks! GT: fishysock