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  1. Hosting doesn't matter, I play ball game more than anything else. I am roughly W150- L100 on ranked ball game with well over 100 quitters to date and that has been mostly in games when I am host. Sounds more like people need to gain some sportmanship.
  2. It does get old, and it's a cheap move. I hate that when I host a match, the challenger can still choose a map where they can use the glitch. (I'm talking about a 1v1 match). It's good to hear that there is an update coming, hopefully soon. P.s I recommend "balleseum" (check spelling).
  3. I'm seeing some Feb' 13 around the web, anyone agree?
  4. I thought this would be a discussion on what The Behemoth would do after BBT. I'm guessing we'll get an update on the final game modes soon, and then a release date for xmas. What's next for The Behemoth after this game? DLC work? CC2? Game 4? Or just porting for a while?
  5. I tried looking for that comment about the release date being on the main page right after i posted that comment, i thought it was in this discussion but i'll find it. I've been following the message boards for about 2 yrs so it might take a while. p.s I am aware that I changed the order of the date, i think it's better logic than a game coming out due to one person's bday.
  6. I am surpirsed The Behemoth has not given any kind of time frame on a release, isn't that bad game developer etiquette? They are so hush hush about only one topic, but don't have a problem flaunting a game 3 years before it's release. I don't get it, it's a smack in the face for someone who loved CC and bought Alien Hominid to show support for the company.
  7. I'd love to see the behemoth take a shot and join in on all the zombie hype. I could see the sequel fiiting a renaissance zombie outbreak, but I'm not sure if the behemoth is trying to target a large gamer crowd. They might feel that they would be trying something that has already been done though.
  8. 7/29/13 because that's what it sort of says on the newspaper. Dan even mentioned once that the release date was clearly on the website.
  9. How far in advance will I know about the game's release before I actually play it? The REAL answer to this question could bring forth alot of light.
  10. I think Dan said something around the spring which was, "not soon." I'm guessing March 2013. The newspaper on the homepage has 7/13/29, i'm sure the game is suppose to take place in that year, but it almost seems like if we had that release date from the get go, they might have lost some followers.
  11. With as much time the game has taken, i doubt there will be a day one DLC. I know money is a factor with "day ones,"but since there really isn't a rush I don't think it'll happen . They could always go the route where they have prisoners and weapons that you can buy if you don't feel like searching for every item. I guess that could easily count as a day one DLC, but I'm more curious about extra levels or modes as DLCs instead of accessories. About price, I think it represents the quality of the game. I've never heard any mention of a target price, but I think you guy's are dead on with 1200/$15.
  12. There's no fun in guessing the release month!
  13. The topic states the obvious, but I am curious about the price since I haven't seen much about it anywhere else. Also, since the Alien Hominid PDA games came with extra content, will BBT possibly have same scheme? Input, please!
  14. Can we get our own pre-release demo? All the trailers and youtube videos are a bit of a tease.