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  1. DylanSmithies

    Suggestion For Next Bbt Update

    One thing I think they should add in is a mute player button for the multiplayer modes because, me personally, I don't feel like hearing a trash talking, 11 year old swearing at me every five seconds. Going along with that, they should add in a player manager, for the host of the game, so they can kick or mute players during the game instead of on the 'lobby' area where people join. They should also add a gamemode JUST for people who are looking to trade heads and weapons.
  2. DylanSmithies

    Trading Alien And Castle Crasher Heads! - Read For Details

    Sorry, actually just got him today. :/ Anyone else you have to trade?
  3. DylanSmithies

    Trading Alien And Castle Crasher Heads! - Read For Details

    Yeah I just recently got my hands on the game... At the moment I have Donut Duck Shark Rose Behemoth Chicken Sausage I'm kind of a 'collect-a-thon' guy! xD
  4. Hello there! I'm looking to trade my Alien and Castle Crasher heads for other special heads that I don't have, those are... Gerard Lava Lamp Cat Control Toast Winston Furbottom Behemoth Chicken The ones I do have are... Tiny Monkey Steam Roll Victim #1 Wheels Man Birth Donut Rose Sausage Duck Shark 25% Off Prisoner BLOCKeteer Siren So if you are willing to trade me, reply to this post and let me know or even message me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: DylanSmithies And remember, buckle your pants.
  5. DylanSmithies

    A Question That Needs Answering

    Most mods are on PC, and considering only 1 Behemoth game, Castle Crashers, is available on PC, there aren't that many mods.
  6. DylanSmithies

    Which Character Looks Best In Beefy

    It's the Alien, hands down.
  7. DylanSmithies

    DLC Ideas Thread

    Maybe you could have a Chameleon to see yourself behind things- so you don't get lost.
  8. DylanSmithies

    Would A Hatty Head Be Possible?

    I personally would like a Hatty head, maybe for the final special head release?
  9. DylanSmithies

    What Are Your Goals In Bbt?

    My goals are to collect every head (even specials), beat normal and insane on both single and multiplayer campaign.
  10. Wanting to trade on BBT