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  1. Awesome idea! Unfortunately I can't participate because of a commitment every monday , so we should make this like a different day xD
  2. I wouldn't mind a water arena, honestly it could also be a new arena in story mode too.
  3. Yeah I never see anyone use the beekeeper.
  4. Awww yeah! Gold skull number 1, very big thank you to half coordinated who helped me get through the last part of the game.
  5. Why don't you just reset your alien character, then do the glitch so you have the ray gun?
  6. I'm still going for a yellow knight that is the animal orb lady, I think it would be a good idea. Also when girl characters rescue princesses they could like make them do a dance(like when you win an arena match) instead of kissing.
  7. There is alot of different way you can do it. For me it depends on if I play with a party r not. If I do I go defense all the way, but if I play solo I go defense/magic then agility then strength.
  8. your getting pretty close... i was around that corner and got dedicated enough to jump ahead. The main problem is the characters who are horrid and how to make them usefull. My problem is that I only have level 20's and all of them have stats made for normal mode. All of them were made before my quest for gold skulls. Just grind at troll mom, or reset them. Anyways I'm so close to my first skull I can taste it haha.
  9. True, but as Christine stated it was supposed to be a gift to people who also purchased Battleblock Theater. So it was (1) a gift to CC fans which is now ruined, and (2) an incentive for CC players to also purchase Battleblock Theater (or vice versa), increasing The Behemoth's sales. Right I understand that, but I was just clarifying that it wasn't market place theft.
  10. It's not exactly marketplace theft since the dlc doesn't cost anything.
  11. You don't have to hack or mod to get the hatty dlc weapons. They can be acquired through simple weapon trading. You should notice that he doesn't have the character hatty on his selection screen. This^ I know a couple other people who have the Hatty weapons who are pretty popular on here.
  12. Or they just remove them from the leader boards for story mode. Quaff and arena arent too hacked.
  13. My list is Demon head and Iceskmo, all I ever see on the leader boards are industrialists and the main knights.
  14. That would be slightly funny, but yeah the blacksmith is one of my favorite characters, next to Snakey of course.