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  1. derp derp derp derp

  2. im finally back to the froums

  3. pokebat7


    name your fav or least fav video games 1.pokemon heart gold 2. super smash bros brawl 3. mario kart double dash 4. pokepark 5. battleblock theater rules: has to be games you played no saying oh thats my same exact choose for some one elses fav 3rd pikachu
  4. ok back on pokemon again

  5. snakeface and bunny face. snake beacuse i hate my life and bunny because i'm derpy
  6. I forgot what level, but I think it was Ch 7 Finale where you had to climb up past the 2 rocket bots and go through the teleporter on the ceiling. That is the sole cause of sadness in the world. its ch 6
  7. dude is this even about castle crashers