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  1. No man's sky? Maaaaaaaaaaan do people even still like fnaf (dont answer that) bro i dont know where i was supposed to put in nominations there were no polls maaan all im saying is that u have terrible taste in music. -frank ocean drops an album -kanye drops an album -drake drops an album -the weekend drops an album -literally like a billion albums were dropped those are just the ones i can remember rn YOU GIVE ME JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND PINEAPPLE MAN WTF im kidding tho i totally understand that if you didnt get nominations its not ur fault i just wish you had better taste
  2. wait shouldn't there be like nominations did i miss something or did you just kind of wing it with your own strawpolls bc most of those are bad why is 2016 such a bad year for elections man
  3. Fun fact dirt 3 is free on the humble store dont worry i got u man this guy got all the links
  4. Yo if you're updating the stuff could you actually remove me entirely from the ID list?
  5. Especially since it doesn't show your name. In no way could this be abused
  6. nonono STOP EMAILING ME edit: https://gyazo.com/b807e0622ba9752a03b87933f76706eb please bro don't do this also rip location
  7. Rhythm Heaven? I can remember loving that one, and still know all the music.
  8. I nominate historically significant spacecraft.
  9. Also, SGDQ is on. Just letting you guys know. https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
  10. Anyone still playing?
  11. MS Paint self-portraits. Cannot exceed more than 10 minutes of effort.
  12. Thanks guys for all of your help! I appreciate all of the nice things you've said to me on my blog, and I'm almost certain I'll get the extra credit for class.
  13. Hey, so it's been a while since I've really been active here but it looks to me like things (hopefully) are still running smoothly. Maybe even too smooth... Anyway, I was wondering if I could request TBF community for a bit of extra-credit assistance. Basically, I would like you to read (or not read) a short essay I wrote on the children's book (The Runaway Bunny). After you read/don't read it, just make a comment on my blog. That's it! A few things, though: This is a blog for school. Please don't be offensive! Literally all you have to do in order for me to get any extra credit points is make a comment. It isn't a competition or anything, our teacher just wants us to spread our work a little bit to online sources. I'm not going to spam you in any form. You can make a throwaway account if you would like. If you have never read The Runaway Bunny and would like to, here is a PDF. You don't have to read it, but context just might help in reading the essay. Here is the blogger page (http://16aaronkohutek.blogspot.com/2015/11/beginnings-of-bigots-runaway-bunny.html) Again, literally anything you say will be an acceptable comment (school appropriate, though). I can't thank you all enough! EDIT: I almost forgot to tell you why we had to write this in the first place. Basically, I am putting this story under a "gender criticism" lens. If that doesn't make any sense to you, we are in the same boat.
  14. Even though I rarely check this site, I still love you all.

  15. I think this could work more efficiently if you post your steam name and we all send you gift offers.
  16. Nevermind. Said something insensitive and wanted to take it down before it blew up in my face. So yeah.
  17. I can't wait to #pwn you with my #sopro skillz when I am #winning the contest. Hit me up bby: ThorEatsWorms
  18. Why not just make one new thread called 'The Behemoth Smash Brothers Tournament' and update it each time you want to have a new contest?