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  1. Dis gud.
  2. I've known a lot of glitches for a long time now; I'm not sure if I have found all of them yet, but I do my best to.
  3. (There could have already been a report of this, so this might be a duplicate thread.) It is possible to glitch through blocks by standing on ice and throwing a forceball at an object in front of your character. Video description: "This glitch is not too complicated and can be extremely useful in some cases. To do this, all you need to do is throw a forceball at an object that's one block in front of you as your character is on ice and against (very close to) the block you're presumed to glitch through. If you throw a forceball at a block that you're against, you'll launch up at a steep angle, and at a shallow angle when standing on ice."
  4. This is also similar to a glitch in Castle Crashers when having a character climb up a wall while backing into it and holding the opposite direction you're moving on the D-Pad. By the way, I think you mean to hold right on the left analog stick.
  5. I'm not sure if there already is a thread on this or not, but if you haven't heard of a glitch in BattleBlock Theater that allows you to get a movable block through a cloud block, I can tell you all about it. As a little preview, you can watch this video I made demonstrating how this glitch works as well as giving you a tutorial in the description of the video: Since I have a pretty good explanation in the video description, plus I'm kind of lazy , I'll just copy it to here... "Tutorial for how to get a movable block through a cloud in BattleBlock Theater: For bringing a movable block up, through a cloud, allow your character to grab the movable such that the movable is almost perfectly aligned with its block-column. When ready, just jump, grab, then let go of the movable and you should have the movable above the cloud you brought it towards. For bringing a movable block through the side of a cloud, you'll first need the movable adjacent with the cloud. Next, have your character a bit past the center of the cloud, opposite side from the movable, and just grab it. You should be holding the movable and can now slide it out to any side."
  6. You 'Relief'. Yes, if you are encountered by the invincibility glitch, either tap or hold (Y) to get out of the glitch and become vulnerable again.
  7. Alright, guys, I found out how to activate the glitch... one way. I made a video of it, as a tutorial: If the video seems unclear for how to do it, please check the description. Something to note here is that what happened in my previous video isn't how it happened in this video. The first time I encountered this glitch, I think it may have just been a bug then. Also, I've tried this a number of times, so I know that this all isn't a coincidence. Like I said, though, there is more than one situation in which this glitch can occur, one of which may be unexpected as a bug.
  8. I posted this idea in another thread a while back, but this seems like the more appropriate place to post it. Animal Orb: Sharky (Increases Strength and Agility) Character: The Sailor or Yellow Knight Element: Water/Sea Starting Weapon: Trident (+2 Strength, +2 Magic, +/-0 Defense, -2 Agility) RT+Y Splash Magic: Wave of water (with a dolphin in it) RT+B Projectile Magic: [Tiny] Swordfish RT+Y Air Projectile Magic: [Tiny] Swordfish RT+A Magic Jump: Geyser of water So, yeah; he'd basically be Poseidon.
  9. I like almost everything about the game, but I dislike how there's not a specific leaderboard for Story. :L
  10. I completely agree with this. To be quite honest, it's not really a clan, especially when you don't even have other, competing clans (groups). You guys should rather be a team - at closest - like, I don't know, "The BattleBlock Busters," lol. In my opinion, this would be far better off just going as one whole YouTube channel where many BBT players would love to check out for great new strategies/tips, walkthroughs/speedruns, etc., etc., etc. Anyway, I'm an expert in the Story mode (and may I add the Solo Co-op Master ) and am pretty skilled in Challenge, but I'm not planning to join this 'league;' more so would I just work on my own thing on YouTube. If I produce any sort of content that you all would perhaps be interested in any time soon, I'll be sure to let you know.
  11. Thanks for reporting this, we'll look into it! Bubba -- did you do the same thing as TallishMass (enter a boat at the exact same time you would have been killed by spikes)? Thanks! No, I didn't. Around the time I entered that room, I couldn't have [RT] function properly (i.e., I couldn't grab the monkey-bars or grab a movable block) and I was invincible, so it seemed.
  12. You copied me! lol. But the Frog is my best friend when it comes to Solo Co-op, so for now, that's the Solo Co-op 'logo.'
  13. Yeah, I'm aware of this glitch; it happened to me one time. In fact, I even have a video of it if you want to check it out. (It's kind of bad quality, since my laptop isn't too great, but you can still check it out if you like. :3)
  14. Sometimes if I help a friend beat the Furbottom Feature, they won't get the head right away. They'll usually get it if we rebeat the finale, though.
  15. Something like this guy? Have a 2 knight bundle, call it the Knight and Day bundle, a black knight and a yellow night. I've had this idea almost since the game came out, back in '08. Unless you were thinking of having the Yellow/Gold Knight be otherwise, here are my ideas for a DLC pack: I'm not too sure what to call this pack, probably just "Yellow Knight Pack," but there'd be a new character called the Yellow Knight. The Yellow Knight would be pretty much like Poseidon - mainly water-based magic. His splash magic would be a wave of water with a dolphin in it, magic projectile would be maybe a sword fish, and his magic jump would be like a geyser of water. His starting weapon would be a trident (+2 Strength, +2 Magic, +/-0 Defense, -2 Agility) and a new animal orb, "Sharky" (or any other better name) (Increases Strength and Agility), would also come along with this DLC. Like I said, those are just my ideas, so if you have any other thoughts for a Yellow/Gold Knight, feel free to discuss.
  16. Use acid bubbles as shortcuts frequently. They levels and certain gems much easier. You can also use the boomerang to grab gems and yarn balls from far away to save time. For co-op, you and your partner should use acid bubbles extensively to fly through levels. A lot of the co-op sections, such as throwing your partner across a gap or pulling them up a ledge, can be skipped or done solo simply by jumping off of acid bubbles. This means you won't have to wait for each other and can move on ahead. Releasing a frog bomb and jumping off of it can also be used to clear certain large gaps instead of waiting for your partner to throw you. The darts from the dart gun can also be used to create ledges to make certain jumps easier or to climb up walls. Please allow me to add to this. I've earned an A++ on every single level just like you have, but I've earned an A++ in all levels* in Solo Co-op (complete Co-op levels with only one player - yourself) on both Normal and Insane. Most of what I'm going to tell you is related specifically to Solo Co-op, but you can use some of this info to become a more skilled player any time you play Story. (For those that don't like to read, I highlighted the more important things.) What I think is the most useful is Wall Huggers (Frogs) and Acid Bubble. Wall huggers are just as useful as acid bubbles, if not better, but a significant difference is that wall huggers are the only weapon-tool that can prevent triggered blocks from reappearing. This is extremely useful when trying to get past a triggered block obstacle when you don't have a teammate (nearby). Not only do frogs also serve the average function of acid bubbles (just acknowledge your surroundings - frogs stick to blocks), but they have another advantage of letting you get past a bridge with 2 (or 1.75 with spikes) block vertical room. However, one advantage the acid bubble has that frogs don't is that they can hit and explode explosive blocks. Acid bubbles are also better for scaling higher: using two bubbles would form a double bubble jump, thus allowing you to reach even higher. Darts can be very helpful as well. You can stick a dart onto a variety of blocks, which can allow you to climb up blocks/walls. You can also use a unique technique darts have. If you shoot and stick a dart to a block directly in front of your character, you'll be able to actually jump on top of it from there. This is capable of developing a function similar to a ladder. From a distance, shoot a dart and stick it to a block and jump on it. By standing near the edge of these soon-to-be several darts, sticking another dart to the block in front of you will allow you to yet again jump on top of it. (This process can be repeated, of course.) Boomerangs serve the function of grabbing gems/strawberries and yarn/pumpkin pies by just throwing it. This is useful when trying to earn A++'s or just trying to get a gem (or yarn, etc.), and can sometimes even save you some time. Keep in mind that boomerangs are lighter than your character and can fly higher if thrown directly into [a] fan(s). Another tip: your boomerang can't die (in other words, it won't directly cause you to revert to the start or a checkpoint), so you can throw it through spikes with no real threat. Forceballs are experts at reaching massive heights/distances. If you're right up against a block (even if your character's moving vertically up), throwing a forceball will excessively send you up in the air. Another good thing forceballs can do is quickly launch your character diagonally and horizontally. This is great for getting over large gaps. A downside to this is that this can only work if you are standing on an ice block and beside another block. Here's how it all works: {right beside a block + throw forceball = vertical launch, right beside a block (while standing on ice) + forceball = diagonal launch, one block distance from block (while standing on ice) + forceball = horizontal launch}. Tip: forceballs can push characters (and cats) that are behind walls. Paper airplanes surprisingly contribute to overcoming obstacles. Sometimes there will be a couple fans planning to push you into the spikes above. Well, if you throw an airplane at a good enough spot, it'll be pushed into the spikes and you'll be able to fly towards the plane and be safe beneath the spikes (yet being pushed by the fans). You can also do this on a normal (up-facing) spike gap. In some scenarios, you may be capable of controlling when a trigger is pushed: throw an airplane, bring it near a trigger (most likely to push a cat onto it), then detonate it when ready. Dodgeballs may seem useless, but can be used to get past few obstacles. The dodgeball is one of the many things that are affected by fans. You can sometimes use that to your advantage, though. Throwing a dodgeball at/against a fan will cause it to be sent whatever direction the fan is facing, but if in the right circumstances, the ball can come back perhaps with a bit more speed and you'll have a chance to jump on/off it. The main use of dodgeballs is to jump off of them in tight places - get the right bounce and you can use it very well. The ice cannon rarely has an effective result that relates to getting past obstacles, but can. Using the ice cannon to freeze yourself (or just being frozen from a cat) will enable you to move through the force of fans. If a fan is preventing you from getting through/past an obstacle, shoot the ice cannon to freeze yourself and it almost like the fan wasn't even there. The fan and vacuum can even come in handy every now and then. Getting cats to stand on triggers (or let alone, any spot) can often be tricky. Using the fan or vacuum, moving the cat around gets a lot simpler. With fireballs, you may be able to catch yourself on fire to launch out of water to reach higher platforms. Landmines... I haven't really found any good thing they can do other than hitting and killing enemies. Same thing goes with grenades. If you read all that, great for you - you now know more about many different ways you can use weapon-tools. Anyway, hope you all achieve some more goals in the Story from all this; good luck! * with the exception of levels 2-7, 5-4, 5-E1, 6-6, 6-E1, 7-2, 8-4, 8-E1, and 8-E2
  17. I recently got 200 kills in a 15-minute Octagon game against 5 people in Halo 4! That was probably one of the best matches I've had in a while.
  18. It lights up for every achievement you get, and no there's no article on the battlepedia and we don't know what to call it either.The last one not lighting up might be a bug. Yeah, I had this happen to me a while back, so I made a thread on it: At first, it had me going; I was thinking if there was anything I could do to get that first light lit. After a couple of days, it didn't really bother me, so I don't mind it too much now.
  19. I've experienced this several times, sometimes with my friends. The invisible guy wasn't a hacker, it actually is a glitch. While you couldn't see anybody that one person was trading with, they, on the other, did see the "invisible" person and didn't look invisible. Through others' perspective in your game, it could look like you're running through the invisible (for you only) guy and vise versa. This has happened in a case such that two of my friends were invisible. The only way (at least I think) I could make them appear for me was to end the game and re-invite them.
  20. I've experienced this once when I was creating a level. I would agree that it is something bothersome, but I wouldn't say that it couldn't help you. Yes, it does delete the plants when hovering it over their block, and it probably caused you to use more time to repair its damage. A big positive of this glitch is that you could consider it helpful and use it to your advantage (well, at least after finding out what it does). You could, for example, if you decided you didn't want all of those plants in your map, you could use this glitch as a function to get rid of all of the plants, rather than going up to every plant and deleting it manually. I don't know about you and everybody else, but quite honestly, I prefer the existence of this glitch, as I now* use it as an advantage. * = This glitch could negatively affect one's map if it strikes them for the first time.
  21. If you have not watched the video and/or seen this prisoner, show this spoiler to watch the Launch Trailer: {If you're watching the video, pause it around 0:18 - 0:20 or 0:24 - 0:25.} Otherwise, here's Mr. Big Butt-Chin Dude: I've noticed that it looks similar to Prisoner #37 (on Prisoner Population Chart). But, I'm not sure if this would make a fascinating special star prisoner, although it may be a bit neat having your prisoner look like this, it doesn't have so much pizzazz.
  22. I would love to see Honey Hug (that one space Bear guy) be an unlockable head at some point. He seems like he's one of the more significant "insignificant" characters in the game.