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  1. Both my Global Rank and my Ball Game Rank are 45 (with 7574 Gems). Also, there should be a Leaderboard for just Story. :3
  2. So, I noticed probably about 2 weeks ago, that in BattleBlock Theater, I haven't gotten all of the lights lit on the light panel. Apparently, each one of those lights represents an achievement, but I have all 30 achievements -- 400 MSP -- in the game. To make sure, I checked each mission to make I wasn't missing anything (I've earned an A++ on every single level, Solo/Co-Op, Normal/Insane), but I wasn't. I figured that what I was doing was the wrong way to light that first light up, but soon found out that it was a bug. I was then told to make a thread here, in the Technical Issues forum. Here are some screenshots of my game to help give you an idea of what has happened: If someone could let me know what this is all about and might be able to help me out, please tell me. Thanks.
  3. I've actually done this glitch in a Co-Op level in order to complete it. I recently finished doing this thing that I call "Solo Co-Op" (complete Co-Op levels with one player: yourself) and when I came across the level 6-2 (Co-Op), the only way I could earn an A+ was to throw a Frog near the beginning and then bast an Energy Orb at the Frog twice in order to glitch into and through the Ice Blocks. Although this may seem difficult, it is possible. Another thing you could do the try this, is [conveniently] on the same level, just hop in front of the Fan Block (also near the beginning) and throw an Energy Orb while facing it. You'll glitch through the Trigger-Controlled Block.
  4. Paint was acting really goofy for me, but I did attempt to create a custom prisoner. I give you a poorly made image of what I'd generally want my custom prisoner to look like: Credit for the general format goes to Mr Star.
  5. Well, I just finished earning an A+ on every single stage (including the Encores and secret levels) Solo-Insane. I didn't unlock anything new other than getting a couple achievements. I feel kind of disappointed, but then again, I wasn't just getting A+ on every mission Solo-Insane for that reason. I have not completed the game on any other save data (i.e., Solo-Normal, Co-Op-Normal, and Co-Op-Insane), so perhaps you may unlock something after earning an A+ on every single mission in all the saves. I'm not sure, but all I know is that I'm disappointed that you don't get anything for earning an A+ on all missions Solo on Insane. :/
  6. Today, I was playing Xbox LIVE Castle Crashers in C.C, and I played with someone who had a new Animal Orb that I have never seen before. I then did a little research, and found out that the Animal Orb was a cute, round, golden ball thing from BattleBlock Theater. Does anyone know how to get it, and/or what it does?? I unfortunately did not get to see what the Animal Orb does due to the fact that the player who had that Animal Orb left the game after about two minutes without any combat. I was thinking that in order to unlock/get that "Golden Ball" Animal Orb, you would have to be an employee of The Behemoth, which, if true, I would be very disappointed. I do not know if I am correct, but I someone does know, may you please answer my concern and/or correct me??? Thanks, BUBBA
  7. I have Castle Crashers on XBOX 360, and I have 9 LVL 99's. Those are: Green Knight (Gold Skull, LVL 99 --- Was my initial character) Red Knight (Gold Skull, LVL 99) Skeleton (White/Grey/Normal Skull, LVL 99) Alien Hominid (Gold Skull, LVL 99) Fencer (Gold Skull, LVL 99) King (Normal Skull, LVL 99) Bear (Normal Skull, LVL 99) Brute (Normal Skull, LVL 99) Necromancer (Gold Skull, LVL 99)
  8. It's been about 5 months since the Pink Knight Pack came out for PSN C.C, so when will it be coming out for XBLA C.C??? If it doesn't come out for XBLA C.C, I will not get it for the PS3 just to play the DLC. Anybody have comments (or answers, I-wannanswers!, lol)
  9. I think that there should be a pack with new characters as a Small Troll, and a Caveman. This DLC Pack would include extra levels in a Prehistoric type of scheme. There would be a new Animal Orb named "Dinohead" like the Dragonhead animal orb. Dinohead would chomp on the enemies' heads possibly every once in a while. There would probably be 3 different enemies, which would be a Troll, Caveman, and a new type of Skeleton, some kind of Fire Skeleton or something. The Small Troll would have its regular weapon(s), but its Magic would be this: Splash Attack: A chunky mix of dirt, leaves, black sheddings from the Small Troll, and drips of the Small Troll's saliva, bursting out of the Small Troll's mouth. Projectile: A ball full of the same ingredients (dirt, leaves, black sheddings from the Small Troll, and drips of the Small Troll's saliva). Air Projectile: Same as normal projectile. Magic Jump: A chunky mix of the same ingredients. The Caveman would have a wooden club, like the one that there already is. The Caveman's Magic would be this: Splash Attack: An avalanche of rocks/stones falling from the sky. Projectile: A rock/stone. Air Projectile: Same as normal projectile. Magic Jump: A volcano erupting below the Caveman, with small rocks/stones coming out of it. In the Caveman scheme level(s), there would be Small Trolls and Cavemen, and several buff Cavemen (after eating a sandwich), and at the end of the scheme/levels, there would be a huge Caveman, or, Cavewoman, just like the Barbarian Boss. The name of the boss would be Cavewoman, lol. In the other scheme level(s) (the one with Fire Skeletons), there would be a new kind of enemy, that you can't play as, that is many Fire Skeletons, or something like that. This would not have a ending enemy/boss though. I know that this is long, , but do you guys have any ideas or comments
  10. I think that they should have a new Level Pack (DLC), and in that/those level(s) there should be a new enemy/character as a Caveman! If so, his weapon would be a wooden club, similar to the one that there already is. The Caveman would look so cool after have the sandwich, plus, at the end of one of the levels, that "buff" Caveman should be a boss. Any comments
  11. I am very sad, because it has been about 5 months since the Pink Knight Pack has came out for PSN, and there still is no new DLC/Add-Ons. I would be happy to know when there will be something new coming out for XBLA Castle Crashers. Also, I think that XBLA and PSN should have the same DLC, nothing different, that way it would be fair.