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  1. I missed out on hooshmand and need him will give away all gems
  2. Currently in development "Ball Tourney"

    1. TheBlacksmith07


      Hey i got BBT so i might be able to help you out if you need cat control and donut.Trust me, i get all my info from youtube, so i might can help you out soon.

  3. Hi I'm looking for someone to play the campaign with me GT LucasW00p
  4. Dude i made my account! GT: Trickster

    1. Lucaswoop
    2. TheBlacksmith07
    3. TheBlacksmith07


      I GOT THE BLACKSMITH FOR MY ACCOUNT!!!! :D.If i get XBox live anytime soon let's play Castle Crashers.

  5. Hello I need cat control and donut

  6. Hey in case you wanna try out one of my things i made may topics if you wanna post something on them.:)oh and my favorite castle crashers topic got locked, but there's still some other cool topics.

    1. Lucaswoop


      Oh ok cool I will

  7. I was the first so where's the head gt LucasW00p
  8. No problem dude!You were my first friend.I'm happy that we are friends.If i ever get to make an X Box live account, i'll tell you my username so you can add me and we can play games together. :)

  9. Hi!Thanks for visiting my profile. i want to add you as a friend, but i don't know how. can you help me?

    1. SushiGummy


      Click the "Add me as a friend" button at the top-right of his profile.

    2. Lucaswoop


      Thanks for adding me as a friend!