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    I like battleblock theater and castle crashers
  1. Lucaswoop

    I Need Hooshman The Wise

    I missed out on hooshmand and need him will give away all gems
  2. Currently in development "Ball Tourney"

    1. TheBlacksmith07


      Hey i got BBT so i might be able to help you out if you need cat control and donut.Trust me, i get all my info from youtube, so i might can help you out soon.

  3. Hi I'm looking for someone to play the campaign with me GT LucasW00p
  4. Lucaswoop

    Free Star Heads For Everyone!

    Cat control gt LucasW00p
  5. Lucaswoop

    Free Star Heads For Everyone!

    Cat control gt LucasW00p
  6. Dude i made my account! GT: Trickster

    1. Lucaswoop
    2. TheBlacksmith07
    3. TheBlacksmith07


      I GOT THE BLACKSMITH FOR MY ACCOUNT!!!! :D.If i get XBox live anytime soon let's play Castle Crashers.

  7. Hello I need cat control and donut

  8. Hey in case you wanna try out one of my things i made may topics if you wanna post something on them.:)oh and my favorite castle crashers topic got locked, but there's still some other cool topics.

    1. Lucaswoop


      Oh ok cool I will

  9. Lucaswoop

    Giving Away 2 Winston Heads For Free!

    I was the first so where's the head gt LucasW00p
  10. No problem dude!You were my first friend.I'm happy that we are friends.If i ever get to make an X Box live account, i'll tell you my username so you can add me and we can play games together. :)

  11. Hi!Thanks for visiting my profile. i want to add you as a friend, but i don't know how. can you help me?

    1. SushiGummy


      Click the "Add me as a friend" button at the top-right of his profile.

    2. Lucaswoop


      Thanks for adding me as a friend!

  12. Lucaswoop

    Selling Star Heads!