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  1. hey dude, i'm interested! gamertag: MexicanHOB0. i'm not the greatest but i think i'm OK
  2. Ugh, tell me about it. How many spikes need to be hidden behind bushes :c EDIT: Got donut, would anyone want to play the co-op levels with me? Gamertag is MexicanHOB0
  3. i would like tofu horse & girraffe to be worldwide brands
  4. Yeah, I think bbt suffers from too many playlists. Loads of games have this problem and it ends up causing the community to believe no one plays the game anymore. Even gow3 was crippled because of the insane amount of playlists Epic made
  5. I second this. The longest I have ever had to wait for a full lobby is probably 5 minutes max. Wow, what's going on in Aus then? I've only ever found one match & i've tried at all different hours :I (And yes, my NAT is OPEN)
  6. The Thief!, because when I play as him my maxed out agility annoys my friend so, so much .
  7. I have this problem too, but as stated there is a whole thread dedicated to this issue. BTW enabling hidden characters allows you to use characters other than the main four knights, such as characters unlocked through arena (correct me if i'm wrong please, I know some of you will ). I initially thought the hidden characters option would hide your character from other players, y'know the element of surprise and all that .
  8. Hi , I am experiencing this issue and would gladly be of assistance . It's a bit sad how this topic does not have any replies, especially when a game developer is trying its utmost to assist with complaints (which have been received through this very forum, I don't understand it ). Anyway, I hope users will see this post and help rectify this issue.
  9. [*:1i0lribt] Yes, I am still experiencing this issue exactly as stated. [*:1i0lribt] Yes, I can connect regardless of who's host. [*:1i0lribt] My NAT is open. [*:1i0lribt] I am willing to talk, but my friend cannot be bothered creating a forum account, sorry. I can forward questions and replies if you wish. [*:1i0lribt] I don't live in Southern California, I live in Perth, Western Australia. Glad to be of assistance!
  10. None, as of yet! Although all of my characters are, how do the kids say it these days 'legit'. PS: I have a level fifty-something orange knight.
  11. MexicanHOB0

    Red Knight Drawing

    That's really nicely drawn, hope to see more art from you .