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  1. I Am SO excited about X and Y. I am a huge pokemon fan and a loyal customer and player to the franchise. I don't have a 3ds yet but like I posted in the Pikmin thread I'm going to start working in a few days so getting one won't be a problem. I don't dislike anything yet, except maybe Litleo. His eyes are just too big, it looks like some little kid drew this eyes, in my opinion. But who need cherry picking, eh? This is going to be a great game!
  2. I'm playing Fallout 3 on Xbox 360. Hunting down the bobbleheads is no laughing matter if you are in the National Guard Depot.
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    Wowsers, I love me some Pikmin! I got it soon after it came out because my Nintendo Power magazine ferociously told me to. It was hard, but I instantly loved it. Never beat it though. NEVER. Anyways, I heard Pikmin 2 was coming out and I went ballistic. Pre-ordered it, picked it up on the morning of release and that was my primary game for about half of a year. I collected every single item in that game and I was proud. I was also pretty good at the little challenge modes that it had to offer. So now Pikmin 3 is out. I go to Pokemon Tournaments every 2 weeks at my local game stop and this guy who works for Nintendo is always there with a WiiU up for demo. I always play Pikmin 3 with him and my tourny buddies and it's a boat load of fun. I am going to start working soon and I'm definitely going to get a Wii U asap.
  4. Personally I think zombies is a little much for an entire sequel. It would get stale in my opinion. Now a zombie DLC where a few new levels and bosses branch off past the corn boss and deeper into the forest would be interesting. And for the zombie's magic it could be a zombie hands out of the ground splash that poisons enemies. Maybe this should go into the DLC idea lol,
  5. Looking forward to chatting with you all!

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    That's too bad. At least now you can have a fresh start with your children though! Awhile ago I had pretty much everything unlocked on my Xbox's version of CC, but my old account was hacked and I was never able to recover it after xbox's "You must be signed in as the person who purchased the arcade game to play it." Now I have started over on PC and it's a refreshing but disappointing experience. Basically, I know that feel, bro.
  7. I'm currently doing a run of Insane right now with Blue Knight. I'm keeping it easy by juggling my opponents, and I feel that the best combo for ol' Bluey is the Wooden Club(as the Koen intelligently posted above) with either the the Hawk or the Ram. The Hawk to keep me alive without using all my potions, and the Ram to knock enemies back when they are overwhelming me(such as the first troll boss on the forest level.) If you aren't badsauce like me, then you should use stat boosting orbs to cover your primary fighting stat. If you are not playing insane then there is no reason not to have Giraffe though.
  8. I am currently playing my first Insane solo with Blue Knight. I must say, Light, Light, Light, Heavy magic combo really helps fighting those heavy weight characters. Who wouldn't want them to be frozen? Although it is annoying that your magic splash can only be spammed twice, which makes him hard to do on bosses. But from what I've read on the stickied Insane Guide, the characters with the non-elemental damage do the most Light, Light, Light, Heavy combo do the most damage from it, potentially killing bosses the fastest. But like Fluffy Kitten said above, there is no "best" character.
  9. Oh lawd I will never forget every time I'd start a new game with my friends we would always spend a half hour fighting over the Giraffe. Good times. :') Other than that my favorite has always been Owlett. My little healer <3
  10. Why can't I change my photo help

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      If you still can't change it, try making a few more posts.

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      All right, thank you Sushi~

  11. When I put my nostalgia goggles on I love Orange Knight. He was my firsty using magic! ^.^ But in terms of design, color scheme, and magic, I love the Ivy Knights. You know, the green ones with the crack on the face. They are my favorite yo.