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  1. Never really thought what their powers would be... love and flowers??? Perhaps since they are all "paired" with one of the knights, they would possibly have powers similar to their same-colored knight. For example Blue: Water or Snow Green: Slime/Goo Red: Thunder/Soundwaves Orange: Lava/Volcano
  2. Love the idea. Here is Toast. He is eating a sandwich from castle crashers and has become beefy.... and cannabalistic.
  3. boxes

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    i am equally excited and creeped-out by the shirt
  4. im sure the behemoth love to see new fan art, but im also sure that the games they make are intended to be just that, their own. to include stuff in the game that is not their own idea/s wouldnt feel right to them. just like if you were to create something, you wouldnt want all the fans pressuring you to include all their ideas in the game. even if it was a popular idea, it wouldnt feel right. and once you give in, they hassling will get worse... they created the pink knight, the purple knight, at hatty of their own accord, id expect if we ever see a new knight, it will be their own idea.
  5. just updated the original post with a newer image that i spent a bit of spare time on nothing all that new, just shows a bit more of them
  6. i would try to draw my own, but i am a horrible drawer. the best i can do is use photoshop to manipulate the original knights, as ive done above. takes me ages, but yeah, not as cool as being able to draw them myself like a proper artist
  7. cause he is a knight with special powers, just like all the others. wouldnt be fair to leave him out.
  8. well, since people like the 'red mecha/robot' knight most, i tried to find his details. could only find an older less-detailed version of what i wrote about him, which is "Name: Crimson Knight Magic: Juggernaut Details: An unstoppable force with the strength of a brute" so apart from that, the rest is up to the fans to speculate what he's all about. he may in fact be a robot/mech/android, maybe hes from the future, maybe hes from another dimension? who knows....
  9. they look awesome as a set. and i love the cracked ground and grass you added.
  10. Was cleaning up my computer files and found this old project, then realised i never posted it here! So here are the official knights alongside my designs for 12 new knights. I did have a doc somewhere that listed details and info about each new knight. If I find it I will post it, otherwise for now their type/skills are open for interpretation
  11. Why the knights of course! But what if one player is a princess but the others are knights? Like, I just don't see how this could work, As much as I would like to see this in the game, I don't think this could work. You just need to use your imagination. Maybe these are the princess's long lost twin sisters. The ones who were training to be knights when the kidnapping took place. Never intended it to be anything other than artwork, but DLC is an interesting and paradoxical idea. Although the fact i made the images the same as the character select screen ones, suggests I inadvertantly intended them as playable characters or something. Never thought of it, lol. Girl power?
  12. Here is some fan art I made a while back. Made in photoshop using the open face grey knight as a template. Havent seen anyone make something similar, but apologies if I unknowingly copied someones ideas. Let me know what you think, which ones you like, dislike, feedback, etc. I also have another 8 knights I designed. I will upload them soon. update: here is one that expands on them a bit more
  13. red knight. dont know why, maybe its cause he was the character i first solo'd the story with.
  14. Hard to choose, but i'll go with rammy cause its humourous and satisfying when he knocks down enemies that are being a pain