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  1. Shouldn't this go in castle crashers.....?
  2. Looks pretty awesome, might consider getting it when it comes out.
  3. My guess is sometime around BBT release date.
  4. Blacksmith: lvl 2 and Pink Knight: lvl 1 LOL Been focusing on my stove face.
  5. Um... Yeah... already a thread about this sooo.... *post before lock *
  6. Celebration! I can finally play online without someone with 256! YAY
  7. Other weapon is the word sword, go to insane mode and play to castle keep. Beat it and pay for wood sword for i think 450 gold.
  8. 360 simply because the controller feels MUCH better than the ps3. And i agree with post above, have fun raising that much gold while we can pay two dollars and help behemoth out!
  9. its not the 2x4. Its the wood sword. 2x4 is just a piece of wood while the wood sword has a handle and stuff. I have it and i'm on 360.
  10. My guess is hatty will come out around BBT release? Maybe same time for PS3 Blacksmith.
  11. Brink. Post-Apocalyptic, Parkour Styled, first person shooter of awesomeness. Also, PORTAL 2!
  12. Nobody really plays those modes so i don't really care and I doubt Behemoth will look at this. and from what i have heard, volleyball is as boring as quaff.
  13. No idea what you mean by Paladin sword. If it is what Xelrog said, the NG Gold sword, they already raised it to 30. I dunno if the stats changed because i rarely use it.
  14. Hatty. DLC not yet released. They got it from a glitch. Search bar next time, please?
  15. Happy Birthday Castle Crashers!. Long live the crashing of castles!