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  1. Hello, this is my new solo story/adventure playlist I've been working on very (very) slowly since round about the game was released back in April. It consists of the standard story format, 9 adventure, 2 finales, and 3 encores along with a secret bonus level hidden in level 6...or is it? I guess you'll have to find out for yourself by playing it. There isn't really a set difficulty for this playlist, some of them are easy while are few are challenging. The A+ times were made by playing the level through and recording my time, so to get all the strawberries you'll have to beat my best. The playlist name and my gamertag are below. Playlist Name: Cat Chaos My Gamertag: Toby 5125 Playlist Type: Solo Story Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my playlist.
  2. Well I know for sure there can only be 4 players max in game so It must have been a glitch or something. Why would they allow 3 vs 2? How unfair would that be.
  3. I tried this a couple weeks ago and it was pretty fun, although I wish you could see a preview of the level to appreciate the art you made without having to leave the level and then go back in.
  4. I'm working on (and have nearly finished) my first adventure playlist - Cat Chaos. I've pretty much been working on it slowly since the game came out in April, I even nearly had it ready to upload a few weeks ago but decided to scrap most of the levels and start again because after spending hours in the editor making a new level I realised they weren't that great. Hopefully I'll have it up later today or tomorrow.
  5. When I go on to test my playlist that I'm working on I'll have a go at it.
  6. I tried this playlist a few days ago with 3 other people, it was pretty fun although getting past the start with the horse took ages. I didn't finish it but I might have to go back and do so.