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  1. Jac16king

    [Theory] "oh, I Get It!"

    Well, here's the proof that Hatty DID cause the world to havoc You can see Hatty shooting his beam at the Space Bear, so your first part of the theory may be right.
  2. The world had change, it became giant poptarts.

  3. Jac16king


    That pun was a catastrophe. You guys are kittening, right?
  4. Jac16king

    Last Star Head

    We're on the last star head slot? How long was I out, I stopped on BOOM I think.
  5. Jac16king

    I'm Back

    Welcome back!
  6. Have to admit it, the XBOX One is really lame. The install time is awful.
  7. Maybe I will be back, but I blame GTA V

  8. Jac16king

    Dragon Cave

    This forum is dead I say! DEAD
  9. I won't be on for a whole year, you can blame the XBOX ONE

  10. Jac16king

    Dragon Cave

    Well, just saying I won't be on Behmoth forums FOREVER Well MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. Jac16king

    Family Guy Loss

    Vinnie isn't that bad I mean just look at the handsome dog!
  12. Jac16king

    Dragon Cave

    Do you guys have a rare egg? Well here is a secret trade, you may want to go to this link http://dragcave.net/teleport/766ef6956b734f967e06b39c73963d0a Let see if you guys will like this trade?
  13. Jac16king

    If You Could Wish..

    I wish I was the king of nutella
  14. Jac16king

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    While vomiting piss
  15. Jac16king

    Username Changes?

    Don't worry, this will make you better