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  1. Well rejoice i just got a vizio hd tv Time to go play some insane mode
  2. My viewsonic tv keeps turning off when i try turning it on so now...i CANT PLAY CASTLE CRASHERS
  3. Has anyone else had this problem on the xbox when the enemies go out the different layers unreachable by the player. It happened to me on tall grass and the desert level.
  4. Cd90

    Help :(

    I'll be on later today or tonight. I'll invite you when I get a chance. its only on xbox btw I added you just accept when ever your online.
  5. Cd90

    Help :(

    I got it and can give it away... add pelters revenge and ill do so When are you online?
  6. Cd90

    Help :(

    Does anyone on xbox have the rubber handled sword or bloodstained sword they can drop so i can have it? Or the double pronged sword or sai. Im trying to get all the weapons but i need those.
  7. There you them from the wiki itself
  8. Worst insane level for you? I hate the necromancer battle...
  9. No. I just couldn't find any other purple knight pics lol
  10. "Message to all recent players, i'm giving level 99 and all gold skulls for 1600 points message me for more info" Lol....
  11. Choose I personally like the pink knight better
  12. But with some of the points i bought the black smith