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  1. Sorry guys I was busy while you all commented. But I say we can meet today around 6:00 EST (3:00 PST). Is that good?
  2. The Rose and Manbirth, because you know, mother's day father's day? No?
  3. I'm bored, I want to play BBT, I want to play with people on here. (My headset isn't with me) So, anyone want to play capture the horse?
  4. I am thinking about what the next game might be. It might have something to do with Honey Hug...

  5. oh hey looky here im playing again, but why do you care vasdfgsfGFpfg 11
  6. No, this isn't about the next star head silly billy-er-knighty. It's just if they happen to release another victim, I'd like to know what shape everyone would like to see.
  7. And that head would be MEEEEEE naw jk im too stupid to ever be a star head
  8. I mean, the star head was called Steamroller victim #1. There's gotta be another...?
  9. I want another Steamroller victim... maybe the circle head.
  10. Yay, no more nonsense! hey i felt smart there for a minu- NYAH NYAH TWO By the way lets not count 9001 as a record since we didnt really count all the way to 9001 k.
  11. im back from vaycay. yey

  12. Okay, you wont see me til Wednesday because I'm going on what's called a Schoolcation. Here's how it works: I am having my first day of school tomorrow, but when the day is over, I'm heading up to Maine. We won't be coming back 'til Wednesday, and we have no computers up in our house in Maine. Yes, I have a house in Maine. So don't expect any activity anytime soon.

  13. My new backup plan for everything: Castle Crashers