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  1. i got an update today i swear. i was so excited. but nothing happened. i think they fixed some bugs or something.
  2. I would really like to know what the update did someone please explain. was it just bug fixes?
  3. Yea really good game. Really close we had like 3 ties
  4. Cant wait for this final match. i have confidence i can win. but we shall see, we shall see, we shall see.., Ya see? Does anyone want to bet on me or Vajazzle?
  5. We should have another challenge tournament.
  6. Were you being serious when you posted this?
  7. I dont see why you wouldnt do the features, the solo features were extremely simple.
  8. So basically i want to help people that have not completed the story. message me at qx V I C xp on Xbox. Normal or Insane. We will do one chapter a day.
  9. EvilHat, what happened you said you were up for it, you never spoke to me.
  10. this offer is over now THANKS FOR PLAYING