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  1. I will try it out, can you try mine out? GT: TallishMass
  2. Thanks, although I got to say, it is quite a challenging playlist in my opinion.
  3. Finally, after 5 months of developing this playlist, it was born. What is Tombroka, you say? Tombroka is the story of a dark legend coming true. You character is the hero of course. The shadow figures (cats) have landed on your planet, they have a legend telling them to eliminate your species. You do not know until you see them. This is a story that takes place in many lands, you however, will do your best to survive. This playlist has new obstacles and trouble that is fun to all players. No matter which level you play, you run through. But sadly the finale is meant to be sad. Your character is caught, but they put you through some level tests. Survive and you may learn the rest of the story later. The playlist has been tested by Swirly Kalen. ( He wanted me to give a shout out.) Made by me: TallishMass The playlist is a little more difficult than a few other playlists, but not raging hard.
  4. I find my playlist I am almost finished with quite delightful to all players testing it. I will start this off. 1: Playlist name: Tombroka. I got the name from thinking about a shadowy adventure which I am not ready to tell yet, but yet very interesting to me. 2: Level names: I easily got level names by ordering the names of the levels as the next part of the Tombroka story. Example is the first level is called Dawn, yet level 7, which is far away from level 1, is located in an old ocean. There is more to know than what you now know. 3: Level Direction: I focus on a totally weird level direction. The paths are made first from my level idea that comes to my mind. When I know that, I arrange and fix the paths a bit to look like it is correct. I finally test the path to see if I like it, then I make a new path to test, I compare both. I do this repetitively to ensure good paths are made. 4: The puzzles: Puzzles I create tend to confuse a player for a bit of time in a fun and good way. They also may require using knowledge, like seeing a pattern, then solve. The puzzles can lead you to the exit, to goodies, or to outrageous cats who want goodies. Either way, my puzzles are used to confuse the player and create a fun way to solve them. 5: Obstacles: My obstacles are unique to others. While it may be difficult or easy, they are really fun. Along the way of these are goodies the player may mostly want to collect. The obstacles are not always one direction, sometimes it is the players choice to pick a certain obstacle, such as in the playlist I am making called Tombroka. 6:Color Scheme: Made from my mind and the areas the player is in during my story. Each level is designed to have a few differences in color, well, most levels. An example would be trees, they could be changed in colors. Every level I make is designed to look nice. 7: Inspiration: I was inspired by my thoughts of making a story, a story created by me. While it is the creativity of my mind that inspires me, it is also the fact of having fun thoughts or stories. Now you understand how I create my levels. Also I love to add fun checkpoint locations.
  5. Yes. This is truly an amazing playlist, I remember when the first level was made, so young it was. I love this playlist. I would recommend this to players of all skills. Good job, Swik. Just to let you know, I have been working on a playlist too. Swik, just to let you know my playlist is way fixed now.
  6. We may not want to have a playlist to rage on, it would probably be best to choose something not too hard. Example: a vacuum cat behind spikes while you are in a tight spot with explosive blocks, this leads the player to timing his/her moves and not get killed. If you do not understand, I will show you my first level. GT: TallishMass
  7. Dungeon Defenders is amazing, it can be considered a must play and yes it has a lot of missing features. I enjoy every bit of it, from slaying goblins to ogres, from winning to losing over and over, and even getting slain by a puny goblin. The game has a considerable length to play, enough challenge, and is very fun. If anyone wants to play some dungeon defenders, send me a message. Gt: TallishMass
  8. If you want me to test your maps, I will do it for free. I don't want it to be part of the bargain though. I am looking forward to giving 50,000 gems out though because I want to film it and see how long it would take. Oh, I do not think I will have time to go all the way to 50,000 gems, I usually stay on for an hour.
  9. Ok hold up now. Let me get this straight. BattleBlock is on other platforms? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! Ooops, sorry! All I can say is I hope for it to come on other platforms for other players.
  10. Let me think about this, I for one, could get you a Winston, but only if you test my maps and give me 10000 gems, this is 1/5 the price in gems, not only that, I could have farther progress with my maps. Gt: TallishMass.
  11. Alright, you are better then me at this, but you should not ban me, I am being very kind right now. Hint: I think you were banned by the food department for not serving food to your customer, which is me.
  12. This is so much fun, everyone who reads this is banned.
  13. Well played, I have one last request, give me a cheeseburger with some ban salad on it. Banned for not umm... Banned for not brushing your teeth or talking to me for 5 minutes.
  14. Banned for not properly introducing yourself to me. I am TallishMass the 1st, join me, and we shall ban together, or face the wrath of the bannings for not introducing yourself properly, especially for you, I have plans for you.
  15. Dang it, you got me, will you spare me, I will ban somebody else with you. (Maybe)!
  16. Alright, we have different opinions, you know, cc may have better ratings, I will have to check that out.
  17. You need a ban hammer to ban me, because I have ban resistant armor. Now I ban you for trying to ban me but for failing to due to my armor. SWING! You are all banned once again. Who has a ban hammer to take down the champ and win ban resistant armor to all bans 99% of the time?
  18. Well, well. What do we have here, a lot of banners. I am wearing ban resistant armor, it is not resistant to ban hammers though. I am holding a ban hammer. SWING! You all are banned for banning people. Too bad only 99 ban hammers exist and I have one of them. I wonder if anyone else has a ban hammer. I am not afraid to use my ban hammer.
  19. Hmm. Scanning for solution that is true: I like both, but I truthfully like Dungeon Defenders better.
  20. Not really, it is in 3-d and it is very fun.
  21. There are a bunch of games out on xbox 360, but there is one game I really like. Dungeon Defenders. Dungeon Defenders is a storyline game where any of your heroes will defend the precious Eternia crystals from angry loads of monsters. This action based game includes the making of towers, which will assist the heroes throughout the levels. Levels are replayable along with challenges and other modes. The 4 main heroes are the squire, the apprentice, the huntress, and the monk. Together they will stop those who wish to bring back the old ones. The game features a tavern where players can meet each other, trade goods ( like good weapons or armor), and is where players can safely upgrade armor or weapons. The game also features a level up system and skill points, such as for hero health or tower health. Dungeon Defenders will contain a lot of strategy with towers, as we know 4 heroes will not be enough to finish the fight alone. Dungeon Defenders is worth the price and is one of my favorite games. If you wish to know more about dungeon defenders before you purchase it, you should take a look at some gameplay videos to see what you are up against. Good luck!
  22. I agree, we need something as hard as the co-op, that I say, would be worth the starheads.
  23. I will get to you guys. Note: First person to test my maps from this point will get a star head of their choice. I do not have Winston. I will also look for people who may find mistakes in the playlist, such as too much confusion or something does not fit in well. This is a solo playlist, so I will not help you unless you request for help.