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  1. The one winged angel

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

  2. The one winged angel

    Hd Re-Masters.

    I'd like to see F-Zero GX remastered. It's a shame Nintendo might not continue this series.
  3. The one winged angel

    Favorite Food

  4. The one winged angel

    Anyone Have A Spare Of These Heads?

    I need Cecil and the Unicorn to complete my star collection. I am really behind on this, and have been inactive on the forums, because of school. :s
  5. The one winged angel

    Campaign Arenas For Xbl

    That double post though.
  6. The one winged angel

    New Ff

    When exactly will this feature leave? I have not gotten the unicorn. (because of my stupid internet) If it leaves tomorrow, can someone snag me one? I will pay loads of gems if needed.
  7. The one winged angel

    --Official Insane Mode Thread --

    Oh derp, I forgot about BBT's insane mode. My apologies.
  8. The one winged angel

    Buying Duck Shark For 200 Gems

    In English please Fixed. Dude, I have every head in the game. I am way ahead of you as I also have the purple laser. I wish I had the purple laser, but alas, I am an offline player. Only times I get online is to get the there someway to get the laser offline? I really don't have the internet for online play.
  9. The one winged angel

    --Official Insane Mode Thread --

    Forgotten Knight did something like this already. Just keep your eyes moving, nothing to see here.
  10. Really nice playlist, very fun and creative. Yes, that game is one of the best one's. ^
  11. The one winged angel

    What Do You Think/want The Myth Head To Be?

    Big Chin was originally my favorite, I would settle with him.
  12. The one winged angel

    [Spoilers] Theories - Hatty's Death

    *Gets the defibrillator* I give the thread life! *Pumps life in to the thread*