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  1. I'd like to see F-Zero GX remastered. It's a shame Nintendo might not continue this series.
  2. I need Cecil and the Unicorn to complete my star collection. I am really behind on this, and have been inactive on the forums, because of school. :s
  3. When exactly will this feature leave? I have not gotten the unicorn. (because of my stupid internet) If it leaves tomorrow, can someone snag me one? I will pay loads of gems if needed.
  4. In English please Fixed. Dude, I have every head in the game. I am way ahead of you as I also have the purple laser. I wish I had the purple laser, but alas, I am an offline player. Only times I get online is to get the there someway to get the laser offline? I really don't have the internet for online play.
  5. Forgotten Knight did something like this already. Just keep your eyes moving, nothing to see here.
  6. Really nice playlist, very fun and creative. Yes, that game is one of the best one's. ^
  7. *Gets the defibrillator* I give the thread life! *Pumps life in to the thread*
  8. So, now that this thread is useless now that we solved what the head was, requesting lock.
  9. you go press start and it's the top right thing titled statistics.There you see your purple bar and how far you've gotten it.Also,you can compare yours with your friends. Thank you, but now I am faced with another problem.
  10. Ok, where do you see this bar? This is a legit question, I don't expect to see some smart answer. Ok, but my bar will never increase because I am an offline player :/. Is there anyway to boost the bar up while offline?
  11. Hopefully the future features aren't like Boss-2. I started freaking out when you had to jump on those rising platforms to the exit. (About that time I only had 15-20 seconds)
  12. Still double King I see, who knew Hazard liked the King so much...
  13. I beat the game on easy and normal so far. It usually takes 10-15 minutes per level, but it depends on the level.