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  1. Right. I'm just going to add that, even though you probably didn't read the opening post, not liking someone (for instance dan, but it can be anyone) is perfectly fine. So what if someone doesn't like someone you do like, does that mean you can just be a jerk to the guy? no. He has the right to say he doesn't like danp (even though his post clearly says otherwise) and if you want everyone who doesn't agree with your opinion to shut up and leave, well maybe you should be the one leaving because such behaviour is not endorsed on this forum. Everyone's allowed to speak their mind here as long as they're following our rules, so don't be a jerk just because you don't agree with them. Now back on topic. Just to clarify, Percyman has it backwards. My post was the sincere part, the tags were the joke. Dan IS a really cool guy for communicating with his fanbase the way that he does. I've really never seen it too much (though, I have seen it, rarely) on forums like this, and I find it to be a really admirable trait in someone that's in Dan's position.
  2. Dan seems like a pretty cool guy. I don't mean to be a complete suckup here, but, I've been to a lot of video game forums. And VERY rarely, do I see the the actual founders of a game company actually interact with their community, at least on the same level that Dan seems to. When they do, it always tends to seem like somebody's in trouble, or something. So, kudos and thanks, Dan. That's all.
  3. Hatty is, without a doubt in my mind, the sexiest beefmachine.
  4. I'm seriously afraid that eternal recurrence is an actual thing. Spooky stuff.
  5. I would VERY much appreciate a cat control head, if you'd be so generous. Thanks, for everything you've done, by the way. You seem like a pretty cool guy. GT: Sharktopus33
  6. A treasure chest/mimic (Mimics are fake treasure chests that appear in RPGs quite often. They have teeth, and large tongues) head would be neat, especially if the top part of the chest flapped about.
  7. Gamertag: Sharktopus 33 Looking for: Lava Lamp Head Have: Blocketeer, Duck Shark, Steamrolled, 25% off, 50% off