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  1. Proof, or didnt happen. If you wish to call me out, "by quote", dont you think it would be a good idea to cite your source? :^)
  2. You dont even know if they will rerelease Winston. Maybe the devs want certain heads to be the rarest.
  3. IKR buddy, I just need 4 more, but I don't get any replys to my topics. Also, try to make your posts more professional and which try to show how serious you are about the deal, if you seriously want those heads.
  4. I'm confused. Are you selling your heads or buying ones people have?
  5. >year 2006. (age 9-10 at the time) >all irl friends played this game called "Runescape". due to peer pressure, decided I should pick this game up and join the cult. >excelled above all my friends (99 Cooking, Fishing, Woodcutting, Firemaking. Karamja Island represent), except this one kid I met on a business trip my father let me tag along on. (we kept in close touch through IRC and ingame chat) >played hours and hours to try to out level/skill him. you have no idea how many hours I spent on that game. that game was one of the biggest parts of my childhood. *insert unnecessary blah blah here* >cut to 2009. >kid I met at business trip decides that he is done with this game. he realized that he didn't care for it anymore or some poop. (he didn't go into much detail for some reason. huh.) very surprised by this news, but unfortunately he left before I could say anything to him. he decided that since he didn't need his account anymore, so he gave it to me, as I was his closest friend. I was stunned and saddened and also excited and intrigued. this very high level account is now mine, but I have basically lost a friend. I decided I was going to log onto the account once to see what he was keeping in his bank and what not. (nothing I hadn't expected, rares, etc.) after that, I was done with the account. it was his and his only, I didn't deserve his account, easily worthy of hundreds of dollars back then. >I haven't touched the account or talked to the kid since. Now, I use his name as kind of a memorial to him, and it helps keep my memory of things.
  6. Breaking Bad - Season 5 :o

  7. I'll buy your heads. Add me tonight, I will most likely be on. 1000 for the three, and 800-900 for the chicken?
  8. Damn, that's a lot of gems for a star head. fk it. Add me and we can do the trade. I'm up for the challenge.
  9. I have extras.
  10. Sorry Lucas, Cat control is easily 750-800
  11. At the moment, I am at Engineering School. I will be on in about 3-4 hours.