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  1. You lucky sod. Nobody at my school plays the games I play. All they ever play is Call of Duty and such. Amen. I know what thats like. HEY PAL YA GETTIN BATTLEBLOCK? Whats Battleblock? *walks away*
  2. Fossa? Oh, I remember him. He was that guy who gave out heads, right? Yeah, he's dead now. God rest his soul x6
  3. Gotta catch em all! I got all starheads, I dont have all triangular heads though.
  4. Sarcasm?No he's being also get king and big chin prisoner.... u also get all de ster heds an u win a milin dolirs And Bill Gates resurrects Steve Jobs to give you the iPc. You also get exclusive beta access to the Behemoth's Game 4. Pretty sure Honey Hug survives instead and destroys Earth by squirting honey from his star-nipples.
  5. Troll You win 100 gems, if you so choose to accept them. Message me your GT, and I'll go on real quick. GT same as username, TheFieryFetus
  6. I gotta say, this was one heckuva ride. I haven't had a challenge in a while so this is such a fresh new thing for me, I enjoyed lots of the levels, it was difficult, but not the kind of rage difficult, it was fun difficult! Each error I make I get more determined to finish it (Except that ladder one I just couldn't eueueuechch...) I felt like a little lab mouse up for testing evven though I was Cat-Control halfway through but anyway, I had a real fun time! P.S. Thanks for helping me get I-See-You or whatever abomination the behemoth decided to release behind the cell-of-freaks.
  7. I've got two of my own, but I'll just say the short one, there was a little kid in a gift shop and whenever I go up in the trade station and put up 100 gems he shrieks out "A HUNDRED GAMS!?!?!?" and probably woke up his whole neighborhood.
  8. What happened to you that got you on the ground splurting nostril juice out of your nose going "I can't believe that actually happened wow-I-should-share-this-with-everyone-else!
  9. By unliterate people. I like to say gams because it sounds funny.
  10. Do people pretend Furbottom doesn't exist anymore?
  11. batteries are what, $4?How long are we talking about? Probably tomorrow, today I dont have time to go to the store with all the schoolwork I have to deal with.
  12. I probably wont be on Xbox for a while since my batteries pooped out a long time ago and I need to get more, totally your decision to wait for me or not, I don't mind.
  13. I see absolutely nothing out of the ordinary there. You said you got banned from another forum, so you decided to come back here. I was naturally wary of that. You then proceeded to like your own post, which (at least back then) was a problem we were having, and I was pointing it out. I don't see a single post in that thread proving that I "hate" you. Hell, I don't see how those posts are even offensive to you. That's how I always am, which brings me back to my original point of... Maybe it's your posting habits that lead me to criticize you, but I don't (and neither should you) care about who you are on any level beyond a member on a forum. You could insult my mother, and yeah, I'd dislike you for that, but in the end, you're just a person on the internet, and you don't know me. The same thing goes for you. You shouldn't care if I criticize your posting. If your posts were offensive or actual spam, you'd know, because we would have probably warned you, I'm just telling you my personal feelings on your posting habits. In the case of a warning, THAT'S when you should care what I think, but until then, you really shouldn't take anything I (or anyone on the internet) say to heart. I also really hate the word swag, but that's inconsequential. Can we all just sit down and have a nice cup of hot cocoa?