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  1. Don't most DLC games come out at 5amish? I don't think I've ever seen one at midnight. Has it been confirmed that this one will be immediately after 12? Also what time zone?
  2. Says you! Taking/Filling requests.
  3. My gold account just went silver this month. I have a free month card sitting here. Right now I've got nothing really warranting going Gold, but I'll certainly use the membership card to get in on some of the action. Also having two loser roomates who like nothing more than playing Xbox will come in handy for the first time ever.
  4. They're all dope. I was wondering if I could get one with 'The Brute' and my tag on the board section. I don't care how you do it, because I know it'll come out good. Cheers. I'll fill this one next.
  5. Denied. That line is infuriating.
  6. I wish they really did fall from the sky. I've kind of turfed out. I am looking forward to Castle Crashers as much as the next guy, but having to the RGBO Knights over and over gets tiresome. If you see requests getting filled before yours it's probably because I hate reusing images, and there are only so many of the four heroes. Ask for a different colored Knight(It's as simple as changing a shade!)! or even better not a Knight at all!
  7. Still not as dangerous as Snuggles Bear
  8. MURPHDOG Fixing spelling now. I am an idiot
  9. Metallica had no good albums
  10. Seconded. I'll be away from my computer until late tonight, but feel free to leave requests. They will get filled. I am going to stop making avatars tomorrow. I don't want to super-saturate the board with these. As the game comes closer to release and a flood of new users hit they'll become less common and I might start them up again.
  11. Canadian: Request filled in thread.
  12. It's hard to get across something smelly without using stink lines.