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  1. Ok, this might sound like a nooby question and my friend told me but I forgot... What dog breed is Winston?
  2. Ok, this might sound like a nooby question and my friend told me but I forgot... What dog breed is Winston?
  3. I have a question, once you're a moderator is it permanent?
  4. Sorry Mr Hatty I didn't know if you were joking or just a troll.
  5. Hi, Koen sorry for making you move the topic I wasn't sure which section it was meant to go in and I will allow non-mods to post questions.
  6. Hello, please post if your a moderator but feel free to ask questions if not. So I was wondering, What's it like to be a Moderator. Is it fun? Is it boring? What do you get out of doing it? Please, post your experiences
  7. I have tiny monkey now so could a mod delete this topic please.
  8. They did steal ideas from BB and Castle Crashers. It will be good but never as good as them.
  9. No offence at all but can we go back to the matter at hand. This topic isn't about sarcasm or how much it will cost to change my name which is purposely misspelled. I only want to get Tiny Monkey and if you aren't prepared to make an offer then please come off this page.
  10. I know it's kind of like when people use 1's instead of i's example: 1nfernal d3mon. And JAMAICAN GINGER was taken so yeah...
  11. I think they should keep battleblock exclusively on Xbox and continue work on game 4.
  12. Ok which star head I have: Duck Shark Chicken Boot Triple Threat Alien Crasher Moose Winston 25% off 50% off Fatkid Snail Donut That's all I can think of right now and I may not trade depending on the head.
  13. Hi I'm going to keep this simple I will offer up to 31 yarn or any regular head ( or maybe a star head) for tiny monkey.
  14. My opinion is a few players are beggars but the rest still love to play BBT but also like to collect and trade heads because they are a big part of BBT
  15. Thanks for the tip it worked the second time the first time it didn't.
  16. I bought the game Alien Hominid Game about 2 hours ago. I played it for 5 minutes to check it out and it worked fine. After that I played Battleblock where I found an invisible player, either he's a hacker or a glitch in the trading booth. Soon after, I went back on Hominid and the game doesn't work! The main menu is blank and if I click the large X button on the control it comes on for a second. Anyone know what happened?