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  1. World of War is the only CoD game I genuinely enjoyed, and that was pretty much down to the Co-op campaign and Nazi Zombines.
  2. Ahh, there have definitely been a few quitters at certain points, though I know not how many of my games were won through quitting opponents. Thank you for this information.
  3. Not entirely sure if this warrants a topic, but was curios to know, is anyone else experiencing an issue like this? My problem lies with the 'Glork' achievement. Looking at the leaderboards, I have more than enough victories for the achievement to pop, but it...hasn't. Any idea why?
  4. Not sure how reliable it is, but still.
  5. Hey, Six and many things pertaining to it are awesome.
  6. Then 'tis time to cease your rolling. 1.
  7. 20. *Insert pointlessely self-evident point*
  8. The irony of this situation of course being that I can't trust you telling me you're trustworthy.
  9. 10 others un-awestruck by the lack of awesome.
  10. As cynical as it may sound, whenever it comes to discussing one's skill, said person always has reason to lie, for the purposes of bragging or savingface.Best thing here is for people to accept that they have different methods of doing things, regardless of how morally and/or logically questionable they are. Or, y'know, settle things in the ring.
  11. We might as well fourget trying to win this thing.
  12. Your example merely exemplifies my point. If you have beaten insane mode, then you have already proven you have the ability to clear the levels.