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  1. FNAF Doesn't exist anymore, really... Don't believe me? Look in my trash bin. Look at the poor crumpled up animatronics. Never should've messed with a guy who has an axe. (Double post above, my bad)
  2. I wasn't smiling. Your argument is invalid. OOOOH KILLUM!!!
  3. timeout, you used 4 words.Is that allowed now or is there something im missing?
  4. Banned for NOT DOING WHAT I TOLD YOU.However, Patrickthe8 you're fine.Gamefemale is the one im out to ban.
  5. Can I have 1 of the Saracen and krieg the psycho from borderlands 2?
  6. Ooooh I know it! TheBlacksmith07 Is Awesome?
  7. DUDE THAT IS SO COOL THANKS SO MUCH MAN You're a boss at this man!That is so cool!
  8. lets ignore the behemoth chicken post... and he then
  9. I want mine with a character from CC AND a dude from Borderlands 2.Is that alright or no?