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  1. FNAF Doesn't exist anymore, really... Don't believe me? Look in my trash bin. Look at the poor crumpled up animatronics. Never should've messed with a guy who has an axe. (Double post above, my bad)
  2. I wasn't smiling. Your argument is invalid. OOOOH KILLUM!!!
  3. timeout, you used 4 words.Is that allowed now or is there something im missing?
  4. Banned for NOT DOING WHAT I TOLD YOU.However, Patrickthe8 you're fine.Gamefemale is the one im out to ban.
  5. Can I have 1 of the Saracen and krieg the psycho from borderlands 2?
  6. Ooooh I know it! TheBlacksmith07 Is Awesome?
  7. DUDE THAT IS SO COOL THANKS SO MUCH MAN You're a boss at this man!That is so cool!
  8. lets ignore the behemoth chicken post... and he then
  9. I want mine with a character from CC AND a dude from Borderlands 2.Is that alright or no?
  10. Both of u are banned for not doing what I told you to do.If you tell me who Krieg The Psycho is, I wont ban ya. Hint: Attach an image for extra credit
  11. One time I had a dream that Gabe made Team Fortress 3 and not Half Life went there.
  12. Half life 3?No!It should've been Team Fortress 3!
  13. Banned for having a glitched avatar!Haha!Revenge! And banned for not knowing who Zer0 is! (everybody else who doesn't know who Zer0 is will be BANNED!So you'd better hurry and post that you know who Zer0 is and what he's from.If you do, you're off my ban list!if you don't.......BANNED!
  14. Very sensible statement my friend.However spaces between periods are a different story.There is not a correct/wrong way, it is more of the person who is typing's opinion.In my opinion, I was not taught to do that.In yours, you like to have it your way. Yeah, you guys made me start speaking's your fault.
  15. I had a dream I was skydiving.Then, I flipped over and my parachute just broke.I was falling and landed with a THUMP on my back.However, I just got back up, and told the helicopter driver that I wanted to go skydiving again.
  16. Banned for using a root word (ban) twice in a sentence. Excuse me if this sounds rude, but you might want to go back and repeat 3rd grade.For I did not use a root word.I had my words plural and past tense.These are the very opposites of a root word.You might want to consider on what im saying and repeat 3rd grade.And,Banned for not being too smart.
  17. I played CC for YEARS.I have a green knight with FULL agility, strength, defense, and magic.Trust me, It's his Agility.