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  1. The forums had its climax years before even I joined. Unless one of the future games changes things, I don't think the forum will ever be as popular, thought provoking nor quality contented as it was during it's zenith. Which is fine. If it goes out in a whisper, instead of turning into the psuedo-youtube comment section like it once was, then I think that's a much more graceful way to go out. In all seriousness though, looking through these forums, there's no avatar contest winner and the random topic thread always deserves a good name. When the forum does come back to life at the release of the new game people should be coming back to the old culture. Get on it mods.
  2. After years of making a very random reference that nobody knew or understand. I met someone who not only knew it, but used it as well. My life is that much more complete!