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  1. The forums had its climax years before even I joined. Unless one of the future games changes things, I don't think the forum will ever be as popular, thought provoking nor quality contented as it was during it's zenith. Which is fine. If it goes out in a whisper, instead of turning into the psuedo-youtube comment section like it once was, then I think that's a much more graceful way to go out. In all seriousness though, looking through these forums, there's no avatar contest winner and the random topic thread always deserves a good name. When the forum does come back to life at the release of the new game people should be coming back to the old culture. Get on it mods.
  2. The truth of that made me chuckle.
  3. I kept hearing about the Persona/FE crossover, but then one day it just seemed to have disappeared. Are we getting new information about it?
  4. Off the top of my head, a sweat rag. I received it from the mayor of Nakagawa as a gift of hospitality. I have to admit though, with the raging heat going on right now, it's probably one of the more useful gifts I have received.
  5. I second that. Sorry to all you blue bomber fans, but I've always liked Zero a little bit more.
  6. huh werid Oh and I have absolutely nothing to back this up with, but a lot of people were saying it had to do with Thor and Odin.
  7. I did do some research on this and apparently there are multiple in the game and that shooting them with the right gun or equiptment or somethhing may change what they say
  8. I've never seen that game before, but I like it. Reminds me of a non rage inducing Ghouls and Ghost with a touch of Metroid for the NES
  9. ^ Looks interesting, before I start doing research is there anything I should know or you can tell me?
  10. I believe in you Pocket! Solve the mystery and the decode the message you super sleuth!
  11. T Diamond

    Box Art

    I'm sorry you lost your manners and ability to partake in an amicable discussion. Please don't antagonize. I dropped the conversation and now you're just trying to start a fight I want nothing to do with. I forgot about this beautiful box art that really drove me to the edge of my seat. I can't even begin to describe how excites me to play this game.
  12. What does that even mean? I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or feel good about myself. Seriously can someone please translate?
  13. This is where i would make a pun. I'll do something like that, YOUR MOM. How is that a pun?