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  1. Hello, ladies and gentleman! I'm sorry I have to announce this but, I'm leaving the forums. I was just an average member on the forums, anyways, what special can a ten year old do? I'm leaving the forums because I have better things to do, I need to focus more on my school, then relax. I hope I can come back to the forums, but I doubt it though. Lover of Battleblock Theater, I don't need to do that special thing you did with Memor and that alien hominid guy. Anyways, goodbye, friends.
  2. Practice makes perfect, if you're stuck on a level, pause the level and think about what part you're stuck on and come up with a solution. By doing this strategy, I beat Insane Mode, and right this momment I'm going for A++.
  3. I believe that there is only 63 star heads that are released. Not 64.
  4. No it isn't, and hey fart face, put a spoiler on your comment, before you say that those heads are out. They aren't even out.
  5. Um... the lava lamp was the blender.
  6. Everybody is WORKING on their playlists at the moment, so that's why.
  7. Looks like at least one of these is taken off the list unless the myth is Hatty because of the new groundhogs day head.I guess that the theif will be out next friday and the friday after that is valentines day.How coincidental that valentines day is on furbottoms friday...hmmm.Wonder what the valentines day head will be? The Valentines day head is going to be the the heart.
  8. I saw a hacker not to long ago, he had the following heads: Theif Heart Hatty
  9. Hey Fossa if you need any star heads, feel free to contact me on Xbox Live. GT:NOSNick04
  10. Banned for having an exclamation mark at the end of your sentence.
  11. Banned for correcting me. No one corrects me!
  12. Banned for posting a worthless post.
  13. Banned for not having a silly reason to ban.
  14. Banned for trying to find a reason to ban.
  15. I predict that Thief is the next star head. I can almost guarantee that its next. Although I am not positive, so I'm not promising that its next. I predict. EDIT: This is my prediction of the order of star heads coming out: 1: Barbarian 2: Thief 3: Heart 4: Golden Whale 5: Hatty Hattington ( Crying with his hat on )
  16. Welcome back, bro. I missed you.
  17. You're amazing at Castle Crashers, especially when you do that juggle move in the air! I think you're going to beat Tom Fulp.
  18. Yes! The movie is coming out three days after my birthday! I love making people do math!
  19. Brady, do me a favor, I know that the hacker is your friend on Xbox Live. Simply just remove him and block his communications with you. I bet that he won't hack you anymore.
  20. One day in the summer I got really bored, so I downloaded the demo of BattleBlock Theater. I eventually got addicted to playing the game, so I bought it. I soon heard about these star heads and I soon joined the forums to beg for star heads. No one knows this but I might be the youngest person on the forums! I'm 9 years old by the way.
  21. I heard that alot of you guys are having trouble with the new playlist, Zombie Narwhals. Well, I'm giving you guys FREE Cecil prisoners! Just post your gamertag and I'll be with you shortly. By the way my gamertag is NOSNick04
  22. Lucky me, I got it like at 8:00 am today.
  23. superBRADY777 did get hacked, but if he said no then, he would not be hacked. Obviously he said yes, because he got hacked.